"Happy roots, happy shoots" with innovative temperature stubs

The root zone is one of the most important parts to take into consideration for growing high quality and consistent plants. More specifically, it has been proven how by maintaining a specific root zone temperature, the cannabis plant can produce more yield. “Optimal roots temperatures are one of the most important conditions that help the plant to maximize the yield, reduce growing cycle period, save energy (reduce air temp. management), help fight diseases and also affect cannabinoid content” Noam Dinar, Sales Manager, Agronomist at Roots Technologies says. “Our company demonstrated the benefits of root zone heating and cooling technology for Cannabis across different countries and their relative growing conditions.”

The brain of the plant
Generally speaking, the roots system is the brain of the plant: healthy roots allow the plant to be strong and to make the biological activity with higher efficiency. “As we say, happy roots, happy shoots!” Noam remarks. “Once you have the optimal temperature in the root zone, the water and mineral uptake is much stronger. On the other hand, if the root zone is too cold, the plant cannot efficiently absorb important microelements such as iron, magnesium, and so on.”

With an increasingly competitive cannabis market, growers have to be able to grow high-quality plants consistently, so that there are no hiccups in terms of final yield. “Every grower works hard to increase the yield as well as terpenes and cannabinoids,” Noam points out. “Achieving such a result might be quite a challenge when a grower has to deal with extreme temperatures. When it comes to that, they have to prepare the plants for those bad conditions. We have evidence that treating the air is not enough and said bad conditions can inevitably affect the plant. That’s exactly where Roots comes into play.”

Innovative stubs to control roots zone temperature and more
Roots Technologies is an Israeli company that provides solutions for keeping the root zone temperatures at an optimal level. To meet the different demands that growers have when it comes to taking care of the root zone, Roots has developed a new solution for detached media. “We have developed a T shaped heat exchange stub that can be fit into pots, grow bags, and so on,” he explains. “Each pot gets one stub for cooling and heating the root zone area year-round.” Thanks to this new development, Roots can now provide tailor-made solutions for many different types of cultivation methodologies.

“The closed-loop system relies on heat pumps or ground source heat exchange coils to either heat or cool water that flows in the in pot inserted Stub, thus affecting the substrate temperatures. It is easy-to-install and maintain. We can also supply and install a hybrid system, fusing a drip irrigation option with root temp heating and cooling stubs in one piping system. The control and monitoring system we sell makes it easier and simple for the grower to see all the elements. With our new stub solutions, growers that use pots can control their root zone temperatures with extreme ease, as the stubs are custom-made and can be used on pots of any size. On top of that, the integration with drip irrigation allows our customers to get two systems in one product: cooling/heating the roots and irrigating the plants with drip irrigation.”

As the knowledge on growing the best cannabis plants advances, an increasing number of growers are realizing the importance of taking care of the root zone, according to Noam. “The competition in the cannabis industry and the desire to maximize the yield will bring the growers to understand how critical it is to take care of the root zone for the health and productivity of the plants. More and more growers see the difference and enjoy the benefits. If you want to be with the top grower in your community, you need to be a professional. Roots Systems will support you to be one thanks to our premium solutions.”

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