Amir Abbas, J.Huete

"High-tech greenhouses are extremely effective for medical cannabis"

Agriculture has changed a lot in the last few years due to technology and automation. As a result, crops such as cannabis are stronger, healthier, and more profitable. Some of this technology is part of greenhouses, sheltered places where it is possible to control the environment for optimal plant growth. High-tech greenhouses are one of the perfect places for protected cultivation because of all the advanced equipment they contain that works to give us the best harvests with the highest quality.

All about control 
“High-tech greenhouses can monitor all about crops to understand plants' needs as fast as possible,” says Amir Abbas with J.Huete. “For example, the structures and systems allow to carry out biological pest control. This is one of the main advantages of these installations. Thanks to that, harvest quality and yields can be stable and predictable.”

Amir Abbas, J.Huete

High-tech greenhouses can automate the distribution of sunlight, also. “If sunlight isn't possible, the infrastructure can automate the distribution of artificial light to provide higher intensities, as well as a customized spectrum,” he continues.

For an optimal growth
Another advantage of high technology in greenhouses is their efficiency and sustainability because it can even control the emission of gasses into the atmosphere. “Thanks to constant innovation in high-frequency irrigation systems, water use efficiency is outstanding, with a water footprint almost twenty times lower than the national agricultural average.”

Crops need a correct temperature for optimal growth. “High-tech greenhouses are perfects for this,” Amir remarks. “This is because they are equipped with air fans for air circulation to achieve the optimum temperature and humidity; on top of that, they break up the air strata that form in the environment.”

“This type of greenhouses incorporates heating systems that keep the growing climate stable, even in extremely cold locations. On top of that, humidification and cooling systems allow crops to have a perfect balance for optimal growth. High-tech greenhouse incorporates CO2 systems, too. This is to give plants that additional boost that make them grow faster and more efficiently, as CO2 is a gas that is necessary for photosynthesis.”

All these aspects lead to one conclusion: the possibility of year-round production, regardless of the weather. “At J. Huete, we design and manufacture high-tech greenhouses for companies and growers around the world,” Amir points out. “Our equipment has perfect software and hardware for monitoring the health of the crops, so is very easy to get cultivation stronger and more profitable because it needs fewer resources to maximize production. These high-tech greenhouses are extremely effective for medicinal cannabis. This crop, which is susceptible to the slightest changes in the grow environment, grows up stronger and healthier in a controlled environment where it can be monitored 24/7."

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