It's been more than a month since New Jersey dispensaries were given the green light to start selling legal, adult-use cannabis, and, after a big first month, cannabis sales are showing no sign of slowing down.

Some first-time legal weed buyers are curious, maybe a little anxious, at The Botanist, in Williamstown, but it isn't stopping them. Demand for legal cannabis in New Jersey remains high a month after the debut.
"I mean, we were anticipating crowds, but to see it in person was definitely a shock for everybody involved," Tim Weigand, with The Botanist, said.

Weigand says the big challenge in the week after cannabis was greenlighted was getting good workers. "We certainly had enough product. I think our challenge, specifically, was trying to have enough staffing in order to serve the new customers that we would be serving," Weigand explained. "Since then, we've really accomplished that." 

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