Little by little, Colombia has been advancing with certain steps towards the construction of one of the new industries in the world, which has been leaving millions of dollars in profits. We are talking about medical cannabis, this pharmaceutical industry is already taking the first steps and is seen as an international reference.

On Wednesday, June 1st, the forum 'Cannabis for medical, scientific and industrial purposes' was held in Bogota. There, the Minister of Justice and Law, Wilson Ruiz Orejuela, stressed that the current regulatory framework of the National Government on the subject is strengthening Colombia's pharmaceutical industry with the aim of making it an international benchmark.

"But above all, this regulatory framework will guarantee the availability and access to safe and effective cannabis-based medicines for patients," said the senior official, who was in charge of moderating the panel 'Regulatory Developments in Colombia.'

Minister Ruiz Orejuela began by reviewing the main regulatory changes in the sector and their impact on the consolidation and growth of the entire cannabis industry for medical, scientific, and industrial purposes.

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