"Upcoming legalizations will have a major impact on cannabis acceptance"

US President Joe Biden has proclaimed that cannabis should no longer be covered by the Narcotics Directive in line with, for example, heroin and that he would work for increased decriminalization in relation to use and possession. Politicians in Germany, Europe's most populous country, are currently considering a proposal to legalize cannabis for adult use under pre-defined conditions.

Jeppe Krog Rasmussen, CEO of DanCann Pharma, comments: "In the cannabis industry, we believe that the new announcements from the US and Germany's upcoming legalization will affect the acceptance of cannabis both in Europe and in the rest of the world. Germany is not only Europe's largest economy but also the EU's most important "influencer." Legalization there will certainly be of decisive importance."

"It is interesting when Joe Biden wants to decriminalize cannabis under federal auspices in the United States. Many states have already introduced changes in the legislation, and medical cannabis treatment is legal in 37 states. At the same time, we follow developments in Germany with great interest, as our neighbors south of the border are often the forerunners of new initiatives, which are subsequently widely disseminated to the rest of the continent. And it is also a clear expectation that this will happen in the cannabis area and that Germany can play a decisive role and start a domino effect for the rest of Europe in connection with the legalization of cannabis. We are convinced that the general focus on cannabis will also have a significant effect on the demand for medical cannabis."

"Medical cannabis is produced according to standards known from the production of conventional medicines and subject to extensive quality control at the Danish Medicines Agency, although not clinically developed. And for the same reason, medical cannabis in Denmark is referred to as prescription-only, non-registered medicine, which doctors must prescribe in accordance with the Danish Pilot Programme for Medical Cannabis to treat, for example, pain or discomfort in connection with chemotherapy, multiple sclerosis, or other diseases."

"But though more people recognize the positive effects that the active ingredients in cannabis can have on various diseases, there are still several problems that need to be dealt with. Among other things, the widespread stigmatization, which for many years has been a heavy burden on the shoulders of the cannabis industry."

Jeppe Krog Rasmussen comments: "The stigma is still a big challenge, but as more and more studies document the positive effects of the substances, there is a clear movement towards general acceptance by patients, professionals, and NGO's, who increasingly recognize medical cannabis as a real alternative to traditional and conventional treatment options. We still have a way to go to separate cannabis from abuse, but in that respect, we are assisted by statements from some of the world's most important influencers, such as the President of the United States."

The DanCann Pharma CEO hopes that the increased focus and acceptance of cannabis can contribute to even greater research and demand for treatment options where cannabis can be part of the solution.

Jeppe Krog Rasmussen elaborates: "All forms of legalization and easing of regulatory conditions, which provide easier access for consumers and patients, help to create a strong incentive for companies in – and close to – the industry. And just in the last year, the manufacturers have noticed a markedly greater interest among the many patients who hope for easier and cheaper access to the products. We, therefore, need to educate way more doctors so that they become more confident in offering patients treatment with medical cannabis. We must be better at informing about forms of treatment, effects, and side effects, and we must put effort into this."

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