Czech companies unite forces to advance medical cannabis innovation

Two medical cannabis companies based in the Czech Republic, Genetia Biosciences and Lagom Pharmatech, joined forces to drive innovation and transform the landscape of cannabis for medicinal use.

Genetia Biosciences, a biotech company located in the Prague Innovation Center, InnoCrystal, focuses on mass-producing in-vitro young cannabis plants. With a focus on research and development and close collaboration with academic institutions, Genetia Biosciences stays at the forefront of advancements in plant sciences, cleantech, and best practices. The core objective of their ambitious project is to scale production to an impressive 40 million young cannabis plants within the next three years. Furthermore, Genetia Biosciences is expanding its molecular services, encompassing essential aspects such as plant pathogen detection, diagnostics, treatment, and various molecular breeding programs. This emphasis on high-quality, healthy young plants underscores their dedication to advancing medical cannabis solutions.

Lagom Pharmatech s.r.o. is a Czech pharmaceutical company specializing in the production and processing of premium, standardized medicinal substances derived from cannabis. These substances serve as a foundation for the preparation of individually tailored pharmaceutical products offered through pharmacies. Moreover, Lagom Pharmatech holds a crucial role as the largest licensed producer (LP) for the distribution of pharmaceuticals and the handling of narcotic drugs and preparations in Central Europe. The company boasts certifications of good manufacturing practice (EU-GMP) in the production of pharmaceutical substances, and it holds a license for cultivating cannabis plants for medicinal use. Their state-of-the-art post-processing facilities, coupled with EU-GMP accreditation for chemical, physical, and microbiological analysis of cannabis constituents, exemplify their dedication to quality and safety in medical cannabis production.

The strategic partnership between Genetia Biosciences and Lagom Pharmatech is marked by an emphasis on sharing resources, technology, and infrastructure to enhance the overall capabilities of both companies. Each organization brings unique strengths to the table, and together, they seek to advance the medical cannabis industry in the following key areas:

Genetia Biosciences:

  1. Breeding technology: Leveraging cutting-edge breeding technology, Genetia Biosciences aims to optimize the genetic traits of cannabis plants, leading to higher medicinal efficacy and improved yields.
  2. Pathogen detection and diagnostics: With their expertise in pathogen detection and diagnostics, Genetia Biosciences ensures the safety and purity of cannabis products, adhering to the highest quality standards.
  3. In vitro mass production: Genetia Biosciences' proficiency in in-vitro mass production of pest-free, pesticide-free healthy young cannabis plants complements Lagom Pharmatech's existing capabilities, ensuring a steady and reliable supply of high-quality starting material.

Lagom Pharmatech:

  1. High-tech multi-store production facility: Lagom Pharmatech's cutting-edge production facility optimizes space and efficiency, enabling large-scale cultivation of cannabis plants with meticulous care and precision.
  2. EU-GMP state-of-the-art post-processing: Their advanced post-processing ensures pure and standardized medicinal compounds from cannabis, meeting stringent quality requirements.
  3. EU-GMP accredited chemical, physical, and microbiological analyses of cannabis constituents: The EU-GMP accreditation for analyses of cannabis constituents guarantees accurate and reliable data essential for producing high-quality pharmaceutical products. These services are also offered commercially for third parties.

Through this collaboration, Genetia Biosciences and Lagom Pharmatech aim to elevate the medical cannabis industry to new heights, leading the charge in the research, production, and distribution of innovative medical cannabis products. With a shared vision for a healthier future, the two companies are set to make significant contributions to medical science, patient care, and overall well-being. As the partnership progresses, the market eagerly awaits the positive impact of their united efforts on improving lives and advancing medical cannabis accessibility and efficacy. The investments in the state-of-the-art extraction facility will be another expansion in the services offered to the medical cannabis market.

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