Grower - Location Manager Portugal

Company:           Praia Planta
Region:                Southwest Portugal

Do you have experience as a grower and/or manager abroad? Are you a good organiser, a people manager and are you interested in plants? Then this position on a 14-hectare nursery in the beautiful Southwest of Portugal, located 1 kilometre from the sea, might be for you. We are looking for a new employee for the Portuguese company Praia Planta, which is part of parent company Altanova. Someone who is interested in fulfilling the position for a longer period of time (we are talking about years and perhaps longer):

Grower - Location Manager Portugal

Building your team, generating continuity, establishing structure

The situation:

The Hoogendoorn family, together with the Altanova company in Portugal, uses approximately 14 hectares of land for the cultivation of an extensive range of potted plants. Much of it consists of levelled land with ground cloth and a new irrigation installation. One part consists of tunnels. There is an older, but well-functioning greenhouse where starting material for the cultivation of Stephanotis is produced in the greenhouses in the Netherlands. This company is Praia Planta.

In the middle of the nursery is a large house in which the permanent team of motivated, intelligent employees live. In this building there is also an office where all kinds of administrative matters are handled and where you, as a manager, have a workplace. But most of all you will be working all over the nursery. We have a house available, where you can live alone, with your partner or your family.

Your two most important tasks are:

  1. Make the specific crops your own, monitor and control the production of crops, work towards independence within these tasks.
  2. Strengthen the team, expand it, let it function more independently step by step and improve efficiency.

But there is more to do. And with a cup of coffee or a glass of Port, we are happy to tell you about the developments and growth of our company in Portugal and what we have in mind.

First-hand experiences:

For the past eight months, Jos has been in charge of our company in Portugal. He has done an excellent job and unfortunately has decided to return to Africa, as this is his home after all. Jos said the following about his 8 months at Praia Planta, his cooperation with the permanent team on site and with the people in the Netherlands.

"The Hoogendoorn family are entrepreneurs, real entrepreneurs. They have a clear vision and work hard to implement it. As a manager here in Portugal, it is nice that Reinier and Koos Hoogendoorn are here in Cavaleiro for two days every few weeks. It's nice that both men are enthusiastic about Portugal. You get all the support; you and the team and the production activities are important to the company in the Netherlands. I am surprised about the excellent quality plants that we are able to grow here with limited resources, but with the right cultivation methods. In this way we are in Europe for a season on the market, with a fantastic quality product!"

"Lisette is my right hand. A Portuguese woman who has worked for the company for 20 years and knows all the activities. She knows exactly what and how things have to be done. She gives the production employees and team leaders the work instructions and in common cases she acts as an interpreter with, for example, the local government. "

"There is a lot to do, the market is there, the production workers are at work, we have land available here at a convenient location and an excellent committed, motivated team of 35 production workers."


  • Interest in the cultivation of a diverse range of pot plants in different product forms;
  • It is an advantage if you have experience working as a manager abroad;
  • You have good organizational and managerial qualities, you are a people manager;
  • You have green fingers, you have an eye for the progress of a crop or perhaps you have cultivation experience;
  • You are able and interested in settling yourself for a longer period of time at our company in Portugal. In this way you can help expand the production activities.

If you have sufficient command of the English language, you can work with it within the team. If you are willing to master the Portuguese language step by step: that will of course be appreciated by the employees!

What do we offer:

  • Responsibility for a company, located on a beautiful spot in SW Portugal by the sea;
  • The possibility to grow an attractive range of potted plants and to transform this into quality products;
  • A committed and motivated team of permanent employees with an equally motivated group of flexible employees who are motivated and are eager to learn. They are excellent employees;
  • Good housing on location, a car, plenty of opportunities to develop yourself. Good remuneration, appropriate to the role, weight and responsibilities of the position.


Call, email or text: or +31 (0)6 - 52 60 14 56.

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