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                    Growing Systems Specialist           


Jimmy Hebb

“Over 35 Years’ Experience”

U.S.A. – Nevada – Canada

Central America & The Caribbean’s

Indian River State College

(772) 834 6634



Professional Experience:

Over Thirty five -Years’ Experience  Building – Designing – Consulting Crops & Master Grower, Greenhouse Consultant for Cannabis, Hemp, Cucumbers, Peppers, and Tomatoes with International experience. Supporting Growers, Owners, and Companies in Canada, Dominican, Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, and all the Caribbean, Designing Greenhouse Structures. Contacts and clients with Presidents, Secretary of Agriculture, World Bank and the largest Growers in North America, Caribbean & Central American. I am engaged in partnership with numerous research institutes throughout the world. Technical Growing Assistance for Cannabis Greenhouse Growers with New High Tech Technologies. My aim is to combine knowledge with the state of art products, and services to ensure of fulfilling the grower’s needs, and bring continuous improvement to the Cannabis grower. I demonstrate Technical Growing techniques & Introducing New Growing Technologies as a commitment to the grower to help monitor progress and make necessary recommendations to ensure positive results. Over the last ten years I have consulted over 100 growers for Cannabis & Vegetables Growers.

Growing Systems Specialist:

  • Designing Greenhouse Projects & Hemp Farms
  • Growing Techniques – Vegetative mode to a Genitive Growth
  • Setting Flowers
  • Environmental Control Systems (Computer setting)
  • Optimal Nutrient and Fertigation program
  • 24-7 Climate Control
  • Irrigation setting / Leach % and water content
  • Ventilation – Fans & Air Exchange – Cooling Pads – Humidity Control
  • Co2 levels – Heating System – Curtain Control
  • Pest and Plant Disease
  • Labor Management
  • Harvest Techniques, Post-Harvest Techniques

Cannabis & Hemp Programs

Commitment to Sustainability: I’ve rely on my world wide experience for over 35 years, for systems that not only produce the best quality Cannabis & Hemp in the Industry but also has as little impact on the environment as possible. I’ve been Consulting over 1 million SF of Cannabis and thousands of acres of Hemp farms.

Raising the Bar on Cannabis Cultivation

Most of the Growers are growing with the State-of-the art Greenhouse facilities & Technology, while allowing nature to contribute to the health of their crops. With the growers using supplement natural light with spread spectrum LED lighting and black-out shades, allowing for optimal growing conditions for their crops.

LED and Water Cooled Lighting

Most of the growers have invested in spread spectrum light sources to fuel the growth of their plants. These high-efficiency LED lights are also water cooled, increasing efficiency even further. This reduces the need for greenhouse cooling and allows us to recycle the excess heat as a part of the facility’s heating and cooling system.


My expertise allows me to develop world-class cannabis growing systems that is sustainable for the growers. I want to do all I can to share my knowledge to help-minded growers to use the same innovative, sustainable technologies.


Irrigation water is fed to the plants, monitored, cleaned, and reenergized. It’s then recycled to the plants, reducing our water consumption footprint. Water heat transfer is an energy-efficient and cost effective way of heating the Hybrid facilities. (Using Argus Controls)

Growing Together

Producing sustainable Cannabis to improve people’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health is what we strive for in life. My dedication to economic sustainability comes from a desire to transform industry standards and teach others.

Consulting and Designing the ECOS GROWCUBE 2015

The Ecos GrowCube is a state-of-the-art, turn-key-automated “Greenhouse” that utilizes hydroponic growing techniques in order to maximize the amount of crop production possible in a given footprint, and eliminates the need for contaminated soil, pesticides and toxic chemicals. The Cannabis GrowCube was designed to grow cannabis plants using what is referred to as the “Sea of Green” which was invented in Holland approximately 40 years ago. The method involves growing smaller plants in a given space, resulting in more crops per year.

Quote: From Ecosphere Technologies, Jimmy Hebb consultant to Ecosphere Technologies has patented crop enhancement and production technology that has the potential to be one of the most important growing innovations of our generation.

Kentucky Naturals Research Plan 2017 - 2019

Kentucky Naturals, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of biologics International, they extract Hemp for CBD oil using which has been grown with Kentucky growers. They will also follow the work done by David Williams and his colleagues at UK. Quote from Kentucky Naturals, We are fortunate to have Jimmy Hebb. as an agricultural growing consultant to work not only with us but our growers at New Hope Hemp Farms in Foster Kentucky.

Las Vegas: My Life Organics 2018 / High Tech Growing

Now Designing & Building the largest Cannabis Grow house in Las Vegas, should be finished later this year. A double racking system 24 ft. high, to grow 60,000 SF of growing area.

Burnac Produce at one time the largest Greenhouse Project in North America

Formerly General Manager & Vic President, and head grower for Burnac Produce for over 20 years, 40 acres of Greenhouse Peppers & Seedless Cucumbers, and Tomatoes over a million boxes per year, at one time the largest Greenhouse project in the United States. I also had a research facility for the University of Florida for Biological predators mostly Ladybugs and Lacewings.

Pero Family Farms / High Tech Growing

At Pero Family Farms & Greenhouses, I was at Pero Greenhouses for 15 years as General Manager. Also Grower Relations & Greenhouse Consultant for the Caribbean & Central America, for all their Greenhouse Peppers & Cucumbers projects, and 600 acres of open field Slicers in Honduras. Traveled all thru Central America getting new accounts for eggplant, cucumbers, squash, mini cucumbers, euro cucumbers, slicers and tomatoes. Pero Family Farms is one of the largest pepper growers in Florida (10,000 acres of Peppers). Built and designed their 15 acer Greenhouse project for Peppers & Cucumbers for 15 yrars.

Village Farms / High Tech Growing

At Village Farms for 10 years as Greenhouse Consultant – Grower Relations – Master Grower - New accounts for Peppers, Cucumbers & Tomatoes in the Caribbean & Central America. Putting together their Dominican project, designing the packinghouse and recruiting all the growers. Teaching greenhouse seminars for Peppers & Cucumbers growers in small classes for the local Agriculture colleges. Village Farms is the largest Greenhouse Company in North America, we grew over 16 million boxes of Tomatoes last year, plus Cucumbers and Peppers.

My last year at Village Farms 2017 I was consulting a new cannabis project in Canada (Vancouver) a million SF for growing “Cannabis in Greenhouses” the largest in Canada.

Disney’s World Epcot / Consultant for Growing Operations

In 1982 thru 1985 - I trained all the growers at “Epcot Land Pavilion” at that time I trained most of the growing technicians at my Greenhouse in Ft - Pierce Fla, at “Burnac Produce”, our 40 acer facilities of Greenhouse Peppers, Greenhouse Tomatoes and Greenhouse Cukes did over a million boxes per year. Teaching seminars of the latest high tech Technology in the greenhouse industry for Epcot growers.

20 Years of Research:

With the top seed companies Enza Zaden, Bruinsma, and De Ruiter, 40 acres of Cukes, Peppers and Tomatoes at “Burnac Produce” at one time the largest Greenhouse project in U.S.

Specialization In:

General Manager, Growers, Consulting and Operations,

  • Exceptional leadership skills
  • Plans to bring new improvements
  • Cost reduction and recognize the areas where cost reduction can be done
  • Recruiting and hiring well experienced people and train them
  • Ability to work cooperatively and productively with executive management and other organization and customers.
  • High degree of professionalism and personal integrity
  • Strong organizational, analytical and problem solving skills
  • Keep all company information confidential including personnel information.
  • Ensure compliance with all local, state and federal regulations and standards.
  • Effectively operate a company’s business by evaluating and recommending strategies for their greenhouse operations.
  • Project and analyze Farm Capital needs.
  • Be Accountable for the successful construction of greenhouse facilities
  • Maintain a safe working environment by implementing a work safety program.
  • Develop and implement operational performance and budget on a monthly basis
  • Maintain Farm equipment and facility
  • Address all customer concerns regarding shipping and receiving products
  • Recognize any problem and improve the development process.
  • Oversee maintenance departments – packing – QA / QC – Analyze and forecast Capitol Equipment needs
  • Being responsible for developing plans for the growth of the company

Specialization In:

Grower Relations

International Experience in Grower Relations, supporting growers, owners and large greenhouse project in the Caribbean & Central America.

Contacts with the largest greenhouse Growers in the Caribbean & Central America, also with Presidents, Secretary of Agriculture, and World Banks. Negotiating Contracts, and able to close a deal. I am engaged in partnerships with numerous research institutes throughout the world.

  • Assist in coordination of growers contracts relating directly to established contractual sales
  • Establish grower evaluation guidelines for packing
  • Daily interact with commodity manage to forecast needed supplies and information pertinent to the daily function
  • Will be responsible for making regular visits to all growers to validate the grower commitment to the grower, and to help monitor progress, and make necessary recommendations to ensure positive information flow.
  • Make sure that the all growers will be informed of all recalled products, and how to make new adjustments.
  • Provide timely reports for Seeding, Planting, Picking, and Shipments
  • Qualify and Quantify new growers
  • Source out new growers alliance and supply lines
  • Quality Control and to evaluate growers and help them to a level of quality
  • Also review new seed varieties, crop protection programs, crop rotations, greenhouse equipment, test plot results and research and development ideas and programs from around the world.

Specialization In:

Growing Systems Specialist

Greenhouse Consultant for Greenhouse Cucumbers, Peppers, Tomatoes and Cannabis Plants / 35 years.

To provide Growers with Technical Assistance necessary to maximize yields and to achieve their growing needs, goals and production. Strong understanding of High Tech, Medium and low Tech Greenhouse Operations, and providing all services to greenhouse pepper and cucumber growers. I focus my attention on delivering system solutions, and to combine knowledge with the state of the art products and services to ensure that I am fulfilling the grower’s needs and bringing continuous improvement to the greenhouse grower.


The Following Topics are covered:

  • Crop & Labor Management
  • Growing Tools and Accessories
  • Root-Zone Management
  • Climate Control & environment
  • Light Management
  • Irrigation management in artificial substrates
  • Crop / Plant management
  • Pest and Disease management
  • Production activities in the greenhouses
  • Nutrient Management / E.c. and P.h.
  • Pruning and Plant Balance
  • Setting Flowers and Buds
  • Biological Control
  • Seed varieties

Teaching growers how to understand the Technical parts of growing for over 35 years, trained and consulted over a 100 growers in the U.S. and Central America and the Caribbean, also Project Development, Building and Designing High Tech Greenhouses for Growers in the U.S, Caribbean and Central America (GGS Structures out of Canada).

 *****As I travel around the country I find most of the Cannabis growers don’t understand the Technical Growing procedures and the growing environment, most of them are not qualified to make any growing adjustments. “Everybody has a friend they ask” 

Recognize early warning signs and act fast:

“One of my most important Qualifications is to Reconstruct and Organize, and Train the Growers and Employees” I can improve your growing Operations by 20% without spending any money!

  • 1st Evaluate the grower, go over all the growing records
  • Revisit the original plan
  • Find out what’s gone wrong and how to improve the production and work efficiency.
  • Review all your resources. Make sure the right people are assigned to the right job. You might have to do some re-delegating and re-allocating. Identify team members that can shift from non-critical work to critical path activities. Focus on competency, not availability. Add resources with the right experience and skills so they can hit the ground running.
  • Look for new solutions
  • Training the grower to keep good growing records, Water content, E.C.’s – P.H.
  • Review work processes, when your project is struggling, it’s time to find a new creative approach. Start by talking to your team. Let them help you identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks, and together you can come up with smarter ways to get the work done.
  • Keep Goals Clear & Focused, and Incentivize for Employees.
  • Communicating & Meetings for everyone from the janitor to the top of management. Develop a business plan and give copies to everyone in the company.
  • Trim the “Fat” / Take all of the company’s expenses and create a spreadsheet to show how you are spending your money. Never take your eye off the cash! Check every day with the controller how much cash we have in the vault or our bank account.

Consulting Over 200 Growers in North America & Central       America & The Caribbean!    

          Master Grower - General Manager & Owner of Once the largest Greenhouse Project in the U.S. 40 Acres Burnac Produce, Fort Pierce FL.

Owner of JSH Greenhouse Association, U.S. – Canada – Central America & the Caribbean.

       Owner & Consultant of growing Operations overseeing the development and execution of strategies, Growing Systems, processes and procedures for all North American, Central American, and for the Caribbean growing operations.


  • Direct and evaluate all growing operations across Canada, U.S., Mexico and all Central America countries.
  • Lead the greenhouse facilities’ design and execution team as the company’s subject matter expert during planning and operational start-up.
  • Lead design effort for the strategic crop strategy and planting schedules
  • Collaborate in the research process for new product variety development, and new growing technology.
  • Lead new crop commodity development.
  • Work with the leadership team to identify and evaluate new growing regions.
  • Participate on the senior leadership team that creates the organization’s overall vision, mission, values, beliefs, and strategic goals.
  • Maintain awareness of both the external and internal competitive landscape, opportunities for expansion, customers, market, and new industry developments and standards. Be aware or any opportunities the organization can leverage and pursue for its advantage.
  • Oversee all head growers
  • Help develop and maintain all farm budgets.

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