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Intelligent burners make growing easier

Intelligent burners that activate themselves, automatically change their burning depending on the weather conditions and respond to a variety of situations. Given the current technological advancements, it was only a matter of time, and now the time is finally here: Facile is an operating system that makes the burner intelligent and capable of self-management.  

It was already hinted at last year, but since the beginning of this year, the Facile burner management system is available on the gas burners sold by Zantingh under the Unigas brand.


How does it work?
The system is equipped with many different sensors that measure both the gas and air supply to the burner, in the flue gasses, and on the boiler. It is no longer needed to fill in the setpoints on the fuel curves by hand, the system does this automatically based on the information it has collected. The time it takes to commission the burner is shortened significantly because of this. The person installing the burner only needs to check if everything is working.

The information coming in via the sensors is constantly being monitored and, if needed, the gas and air supply get independently adjusted. The position of the servo motors is remembered by Facile along with the associated measurement values; this is done so the information can be used to keep the burners running in case of a possible defect in one of the sensors.

The Facile burner management system is capable of adjusting setpoints on the fuel curve on its own, as soon as a change in external factors like flue gas side resistance, outside temperature or air pressure requires it to do so. Because of this, optimal burning is guaranteed and the installation is safe and reliable.

All information regarding the activities of the burner and the remaining lifespan of its components can be read on both computer and smartphone. Monitoring takes place in the Facile control center in Italy so they can provide the right support whenever needed.  

Zantingh takes the Facile burners with them to GreenTech from 11-13 June 2019 in stand 12.316. 

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