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"Innovative cannabis greenhouse design is key"

How cannabis cultivators can adapt to industry retrenchment

"The cannabis industry is currently in a volatile position. Rising inflation and fear of recession are causing cannabis companies to lay off employees, put a pause on new construction or close their production facilities altogether. In addition to economic pressure, the sheer number of grow operations…

TransCanna Holdings

US (CA): Phase 2 of construction commences at 196,000-square-foot facility

TransCanna Holdings Inc. announced that construction of phase 2 has begun at the company's 196,000-square-foot Daly Facility in Modesto, California. Key highlights: TransCanna initiates the first drawdown of USD $962,000 from the USD $4,000,000 construction budget to begin work at the Daly facility. Contractors…

What is a cannabis architect?

Cannabis cultivation facility planning and design are challenging. All building planning and design can be difficult, but there are considerable cannabis-specific concerns; zoning laws, building codes, special permits, and waste management requirements can bring any project to a halt if not handled properly. Each grow operation…

© Sergey Pozhoga

"Fully automated and state-of-the-art equipment"

US (MI): Expansion of nearly 40,000 sq ft of new greenhouse and indoor facilities

Exclusive Brands has added an indoor facility and greenhouses to their existing farm located in Arlington, Michigan.  The cultivation farm is licensed to cultivate and process non-psychoactive (high-CBD) as well as psychoactive (high-THC) cannabis and derivatives. The new indoor facility and greenhouses add…

© Sergey Pozhoga

£26.7 million investment in UK medical cannabis greenhouse

JLEN Environmental Assets Group Ltd is investing GBP26.7 million in a glasshouse project, which will initially focus on growing cannabis for medical purposes. The environmental infrastructure investment fund said a 2.1-hectare glasshouse will be built in the UK, close to one of the firm's anaerobic…

© Volodymyrbondarenkosound

Partnership to build sustainable medical cannabis facility in Costa Rica

Merida Capital Holdings LLC, a leading cannabis private equity firm with more than 75 companies in its portfolio, announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Azucarera El Viejo to build a world-class medical cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, and finished goods production facility on its…

© Volodymyrbondarenkosound

Construction issues that arise in cannabis growth facilities

The growth of the cannabis industry has brought new market opportunities to many industries, including construction. As a result, construction companies have welcomed new clients such as business owners and investors who have enlisted them to build cannabis growth facilities. But extra planning is…

How cannabis growers can reduce water usage by 90%

One of the impacts of climate change is water scarcity – which in turn is threatening our crop growth. While water usage for all crops is an important topic, Ceres Greenhouse Solutions focuses on how water scarcity affects cannabis cultivation, because cannabis is a thirsty crop that's often grown in…

How to choose the most cost-effective glass when everything is getting more expensive?

Greenhouse building materials like steel and aluminum are getting more expensive on top of the glass, which is also experienced a significant price increase from autumn of 2020. However, it has slowly returned to the almost normal price it had in the summer of 2021. "Besides the price increase of all kinds…

Josh Holleb, Ceres Greenhouse Solutions:

“Our goal was to design much more energy-efficient greenhouses than the traditional designs”

“How can we do this using less energy and water while maximizing the yields and profits for the grower? It was our goal to figure this out when we started 11 years ago. Now, we are seeing a great demand for our energy-efficient solutions,” says Josh Holleb, Systems Integration Specialist at Ceres…

© Eric Limon

US (NJ): Municipality approves Audacious' 100,000 sq ft facility plans

Australis Capital Inc announced that its wholly-owned AUDACIOUS NJ, LLC subsidiary has now received approval from the municipality of Millville, New Jersey, for its planned cannabis facility. The cannabis multi-state operator (MSO) said the final milestone has been met, which clears the way for a…

BMS Design Studio

US (NY): Plans for $200 million cannabis facility back on track

Plans for a new $200 million cannabis growing and production facility in South Buffalo are back on track. The project, years in the making, is finally advancing toward the start of construction in as soon as a few weeks, with the first phase possibly opening for business by next summer.The reason: New…

Surna Cultivation Technologies

Demystifying the complex process of MEP retrofitting for CEA

One of Surna Cultivation Technologies' core offerings is its HVAC equipment, which is designed to minimize energy consumption while providing optimal growing conditions for plants. In addition to HVAC equipment, Surna also offers MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) engineering services to help…

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