Monday, March 20, 2023

How to keep your growing environment clean

"We see most growers struggle in the air exchange between different environments, the make-up air from outside, low airflow, and lack of purification. In order to solve these hurdles, clean PPE and SOPs are required to reduce cross-contamination between plants, rooms, and the entire building. With the…

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Hexo sales plummet and Leafly lays off 40 workers, while revenue increases

With many North American cannabis companies struggling in a challenging market, two major companies' financial results show them evidently being affected. Firstly, Leafly announces a headcount reduction of approximately 40 positions - or 21% of the company's workforce - through a combination of layoffs…

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Afghanistan: Taliban bans cannabis cultivation

The Taliban announced a ban on the cultivation of hemp, or cannabis, in Afghanistan. According to a decree by Taliban leader Hibatullah Akhundzada, the cultivation of cannabis is prohibited across the country. In case of a violation, the plantation will be destroyed, and violators will be punished…

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US (NY): Regulator gets sued by MMJ operators

The only guarantees in life are death, taxes, and cannabis lawsuits, and New York is no different. In a cannabis marketplace plagued by fits and starts, the New York Cannabis Control Board (“CCB”) Office of Cannabis Management (“OCM”) has been joined to another lawsuit alleging that its actions to date…

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US (KY): MMJ bill gains passage in KY senate

The Kentucky Senate crossed a historic threshold in voting to pass a bill that would legalize medical marijuana in the state. Senate Bill 47 coasted through that chamber in a 26-11 vote. The bill, which would legalize the substance with several restrictions, is sponsored by Sen. Stephen West, R-Paris.…

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"Australian govt. missing out on billions of dollars without cannabis legalization"

The Australian cannabis industry may be fueling the black market with a whopping $25B in annual earnings. Greens senator David Shoebridge emphasizes the potential for a significant revenue boost through legalization instead of costly and ineffective policing. Shoebridge said, "Law enforcement is spending…

How to build your controlled environment agriculture facility design team

Once an entity decides to construct a new leafy green-producing greenhouse or renovate an indoor cannabis cultivation operation, they are embarking on a controlled-environment agriculture (CEA) venture that will involve core team members and dozens of specialists over several months, if not years. The…



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