Thursday, September 28, 2023

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Industry reacts

US: Cannabis banking act approved by Senate Committee for the first time

The SAFER Banking Act, which would give legal cannabis businesses access to traditional financial institutions, has officially passed the Senate Banking Committee. With cannabis being federally illegal in the U.S., many cannabis businesses don’t have access to bank accounts and credit card services. As a…

Cornell University

Gene discovery takes aim at hemp nemesis: powdery mildew

Cornell researchers have discovered a gene in hemp for resistance to powdery mildew – giving the fledgling hemp industry a new tool to combat one of the most prevalent diseases affecting the production of high-cannabinoid Cannabis sativa. “This discovery is a big step forward in breeding cultivars that…

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Hold lifted on cannabis products with detected Aspergillus mold

The Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission notified 2,790OLCC recreational cannabis licensees that detections of Aspergillus mold in cannabis items would no longer prevent the sale or transfer of such products. Approximately 2,500 pounds of cannabis and 65,000 units of infused pre-rolls that were…

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NZ legislation leads cannabis company to export strains overseas

A medicinal cannabis company says illogical legislation has stopped it from supplying products for New Zealand patients, and it is exporting its East Coast strains around the world instead. The Government’s Medicinal Cannabis Scheme came into effect in April 2020, after the failed national cannabis…

"We will focus on Gavita to be the lighting solution for the professional cannabis cultivator"

Through its lighting brands Gavita and Agrolux, USA-based Hawthorne Gardening Company provides HPS and LED lighting products for horticulture applications. In recent years, Agrolux and Gavita have already worked closely together on R&D, procurement, and supply chain management. Moving forwards, Gavita…

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Silver Therapeutics to add cannabis manufacturing wing at cultivation facility

Silver Therapeutics plans to add a manufacturing wing to its Brunswick cultivation facility on Bibber Parkway. The company will build the 2,000-square-foot manufacturing space in an existing warehouse at its 19,000-square-foot cultivation facility to make cannabis oil-infused chocolate bars and gummies…

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Allied Corp announces commercial team expansion to accelerate global sales

Allied Corp. announced a significant expansion of its commercial team, marking a crucial step forward in the company's mission. Allied Corp is dedicated to advancing the presence of its Colombian-grown cannabis in the international sphere. To support this vision and expand their reach, the company has…



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