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Friday, September 30, 2022

"Innovative cannabis greenhouse design is key"

How cannabis cultivators can adapt to industry retrenchment

"The cannabis industry is currently in a volatile position. Rising inflation and fear of recession are causing cannabis companies to lay off employees, put a pause on new construction or close their production facilities altogether. In addition to economic pressure, the sheer number of grow operations…


US (NY): Upstate cannabis farmers harvest crop - waiting for next steps

As many New Yorkers and tourists enjoy apple and pumpkin picking during the fall season, the state's new adult-use cannabis farmers are also harvesting their crop with high hopes for the future. On a 280-acre farm at Mystic Meadows in Hopewell Junction, Alex Keenan and Ryan McGrath have what's left of…


More than 100 full spectrum designs for plants in wide range of wavelengths

With the increase of extreme climate events and the lack of soil resources, traditional soil cultivation is facing increasing challenges, and modern soilless cultivation is rapidly emerging. "One of the most popular methods of cultivation is the vertical farm, which is being developed in different…


Xebra to receive cannabis authorizations from Mexican FDA imminently

Xebra Brands announced that the Mexican Health Regulatory Agency (the Mexican FDA) has been directed by the court authorities to grant Xebra's wholly owned Mexican subsidiary, Desart MX, SA de CV, all applicable cannabis authorizations pursuant to the irrevocable injunction granted by the Supreme Court…

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Best practices: a construction checklist for cannabis companies

If you are about to embark upon a construction project for a facility in the cannabis space, success often depends upon proper planning. Below is a checklist of strategic advice you should consider to achieve a successful construction project, including some specific suggestions applicable to cannabis…

The Thaiger

Thai cannabis growers confused by legal smoke and mirrors

It’s been months since marijuana became legal in Thailand, semi-legal, not illegal, or potentially quasi-legal. On June 9, Thailand became the first country in Asia, and only the third in the world, after Canada and Uruguay, to decriminalize cannabis nationwide. Or so we thought. Sellers, smokers,…

"Hemp byproducts are good alternative feed for lambs"

An Oregon State University study found that spent hemp biomass, the main byproduct of the cannabinoid (CBD) extraction process of hemp, can be included in lamb diets without any major detrimental effects on the health of the animals or their meat quality. The findings are significant because the hemp…

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