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Maximizing ROI, maximizing labor, maximizing the grow

Much has been written in recent months concerning the need to integrate technologies into the cannabis market that provide significant return on investment (ROI) and to maximize labor. The cannabis market has endured significant ups and downs but the recent developments in the financial markets,…

Sohum Soil

Healthy plants begin with healthy soil

Using modern scientific techniques and advanced agriculture knowledge, the company has perfected a simple soil recipe that results in stronger, healthier plants that can reach their full genetic potential, according to them. "Sohum Soils' natural approach refines the process to only focus on elements…

US (WI): Desert Aire announces GrowAire DriCure solution for cannabis drying rooms

Desert Aire has announced its latest GrowAire Series product to the indoor cannabis cultivation market: the DriCure system, an all-in-one climate control system for cannabis drying rooms. DriCure is a single unit solution for a production level drying facility. Units are designed for a year round…

Hygiene station for preventing diseases in the greenhouse

The Steenks Service hygiene station is indispensable for horticultural companies and companies where strict hygiene standards are applied. Optimal hygiene with disinfection gateWith a hygiene station, hygiene is lifted to a higher level. Diseases and bacteria can be easily brought in by employees and…

RedRock block introduces new line of premium-grade stonewool grow blocks and slabs to international markets

Wholesale stonewool grow block supplier, RedRock Block, releases new line of North American sourced and manufactured, commercial-grade stonewool grow blocks and stonewool grow slabs to markets worldwide. Commercial cultivators, greenhouse operators, indoor farmers, CEA facilities across the globe now…

US (MI): "Fulvic mineral supplement increases yields, build soils and strengthen livestock"

AGT-50, by AgTonik, has entered into specialty farming markets. "The AGT-50 concentrated amendment for soil and hydroponics is an effective and cost efficient way to boost nutrient uptake, prevent stress, increase yield and build soil health," the team with the company explains.  "The AGT-50 mineral source…

US (CO): Rx Green Technologies launches coco coir products

Rx Green Technologies has entered the compressed coco coir market with the launch of 3 gallon & 1 gallon coco coir grow bags and 6 inch & 4 inch coco coir grow cubes. Rx Green…

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