US (WI): Dramm to offer larger injection carts with agitation for Dosatron injectors

Dramm now offers 50 and 100 gallon FertiCarts with agitation for larger fertigation needs. For years, Dramm has offered smaller FertiCart Injector Carts in 20 gallon and multi-tank versions. Great for outdoor fields or areas where separate injection is required. The new FertiCarts are available with…

New small dehumidifier model launched

Royal Brinkman introduces the DryGair DGX, the newest model in the DryGair range of dehumidifiers. This smaller model is especially designed and suitable for growing medical cannabis. With the introduction of the DGX, DryGair provides a controllable greenhouse climate in an increasing number of crops,…


New sterilization method keeps flower quality intact

Plasma treatment as an alternative to cannabis irradiation

One of the most challenging things for cannabis growers is to keep pests and pathogens at bay. Generally speaking, cannabis growers cannot rely on many solutions to fight pathogens. On top of that, the cannabis plant is way less forgiving than other agricultural commodities. Thus, it might happen that…

Download the manual about the best solutions for germination of cannabis plants

The keys to successful germination of cannabis plants

The old saying goes that a good start is half the work. Think of the germination phase, for instance. This is a critical phase of cannabis cultivation, as it would dictate the growth of the plant. Thus, one has to consider how to carry this out: seeds or cuttings?  Such an apparently easy question conceals…

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Natural active ingredients growers can rely on

Choosing natural, clean, and aseptic inputs for cannabis crops

With the abundance of inputs, such as fertilizers, pesticides, inoculants, teas, sugars, acids, etc., dedicated to cannabis cultivation, it is sometimes hard to choose reliable options. Not only products need to give you the expected results, but they also need to provide a clean, safe and easy way to…


US (NV): Rise-N-Sort post-harvest processing system launched

GreenBroz has launched Rise-N-Sort System. "This powerful, fully integrated system combines the Rise Conveyor, Precision Sorter, and Sorter Table to efficiently consolidate the movement and segregation of product into differing size groups," GreenBroz team explains. "This three-part system allows a…

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