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Cannabis Cultivation Compliance is a laborious but critical necessity for your operations. But it doesn't have to be with Brytemap Scout. Brytemap Scout is a portable operating system that leverages RFID technology, helping you audit all tagged inventory, reduce time spent in Metrc with automatic reconciliation, exception…

Anthony Domangue

Full-Extract Cannabis Oil Also made known in recent time by Rick Simpson as RSO or Rick Simpson Oil, this crude extract can be made with a myriad of solvents It is used by those with serious ailments such as cancers, epilepsy and other terminal illnesses. In some amazing cases, this has cured both the young and old of their…

Conception Nurseries

Consistent Canopy = Higher YieldsWe select apical shoots, which increase the consistency of rooting and elongation. After our plants' root and elongate, we then sort them to ensure consistent vegetative growth and an even flowering canopy.​

Richard McGill

It’s so awesome to be able to get out and see NZ business in action. Today, Quynh Vallance and I were in the Waikato visiting Ora Pharm, a business that started just 2 years ago producing Medicinal Cannabis products. What a sight it was touring the various grow rooms (the smell was intense) and learning more about what is a…

Xavier G

Continuing the conversation on floral maturity. By Robert C Clarke. Redacted by me. Early Floral Stage Floral clusters begin to form as calyx production increases and internode length decreases. Tri-leafletleaves are the predominant type and usually appear along the secondary floral stems within the individual clusters. Newly…

TARATERA: Throwback to Israel visits

Kajkanit Skdisubha, Co-founder and CEO of TARATERA shares on LinkedIn: "Throwback to our wonderful time in Israel with the hospitality of Or Engler and Tal Saadon Cannabis is great but friendship is even better."  

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