Arnau Juscafresa, Master Products:

“New trimmer processes large quantities of cannabis, while being EU-GMP compliant”

“The medical cannabis industry is increasing at exponential levels. Due to that fact, we had the desire to give an imminent solution to our customers: a trimmer designed to produce large quantities of product while being EU GMP compliant,” says Arnau Juscafresa, CEO of Master Products. The company has…

Unlocking the power of drying: Next technological advancement in the harvesting process

"Many of today's cannabis harvest processes have been outdated for decades, which has led to serious industry difficulties including operational inefficiencies, degradation of flower quality, and high risk of employee injuries with ladder work." Lift and Grow has developed a new advancement to help…

Trevor McNeill, A-ROO Company:

“Sadly, many growers continue to use a labor-intensive drying process”

“Early on, we found that few people were using a drying rack and that many growers had designed their own system. However, those systems required a lot of hand labor to move the product through the drying process. Sadly, many growers continue to use a labor-intensive drying process,” says Trevor McNeill,…

Christina Lake Cannabis

"This year, we harvested 11% more dried biomass and significantly increased THC"

"Building off our solid Q3'22 results, we have completed a strong 2022 harvest. Not only have we seen meaningful growth in the biomass harvested, but initial potency testing has shown a significant increase in the milligrams of total THC in comparison to last year. These improvements are a testament to…

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