Extraction agreement for Colombian growers

Colombian company Medcolcanna Organics Inc. Canadian announces the execution of an extraction service agreement with an International Cannabis Company, a company with formulations for health and wellness applications, for depression, anxiety and PTSD, which also has cultivation operations in Colombia.…


What is a good cannabis drying room design?

As a cannabis producer, the profit you make is determined by how good your product is. Drying is the last step before your product gets into your customer’s hands, so if that process isn’t dialed in and accurate, there’s a lot more opportunity for failure, such as botrytis and other molds and fungus. To…

Eteros Technologies breaks into U.S. market with expanding lineup of post-harvest equipment

Automating a labor-intensive industry

Bob Lawrence harvested his first hemp crop last year at Yoté Farms in the Southern Oregon town of Gold Hill, about 30 miles from the California border. The 1.5-acre farm yielded roughly 4,000 pounds of hemp for CBD and CBG, two cannabinoids sought after for their assortment of therapeutic benefits.  Lawrence…

Mic LeBel, Cann Drying Systems

"Cannabis drying is very closely related to food drying"

Of all the phases of cannabis cultivation, the drying process has been widely overlooked during the early stages of the cannabis industry. Growers have focused more on the technology to maximize the canopy space to obtain more yield, which generally results in increased revenue. However, the drying space…


US (NV): Rise-N-Sort post-harvest processing system launched

GreenBroz has launched Rise-N-Sort System. "This powerful, fully integrated system combines the Rise Conveyor, Precision Sorter, and Sorter Table to efficiently consolidate the movement and segregation of product into differing size groups," GreenBroz team explains. "This three-part system allows a…

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