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Christopher Martin, DEV Nutraproducts:

“Lack of standards in cannabis testing labs are leading to inaccurate results”

“Cannabis testing continues to be one of the biggest problems in our industry,” says Christopher Martin, CEO at DEV Nutraproducts. The company produces pharmaceutical-grade gummies, and over the years, they have been running into issues when it comes to inaccurate testing results. “Different labs can…

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Exploring the relationship between cannabis science and nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is used extensively in the food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries, primarily in development and testing through instrumentation and microscopy, along with some advanced production techniques. The nascent medicinal and adult-use cannabis markets have a similar relationship with…

DanCann Pharma

DK: "Impressive test results show extreme product purity without radiation"

DanCann Pharma A/S announces unique results of analysis for its upcoming products. Tetrahydrocannabinol (“THC”) is one of the active substances extracted from cannabis, and DanCann Pharma has succeeded in extracting biomaterial with a solid content of THC. Now several laboratory tests show that the…

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“Achieving reduced drying time and energy consumption”

What are the effects of constant and time-varying drying temperature on cannabis?

Drying is one of the most energy intensive post-harvest processes, but necessary for the preservation of products and their bioactive compounds. The selection of the drying technique and the operation parameters may have a major influence on the chemical and biological activity of products. However,…

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Post-harvest operations to generate high-quality medicinal cannabis products

The traditional cannabis plant as a medicinal crop has been explored for many thousands of years. The cannabis industry is rapidly growing; therefore, optimising drying methods and producing high-quality medical products have been a hot topic in recent years. In this study, researchers systemically…

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