Roy O'Mahony, co-founder and CTO at Cleangrow:

The do’s and don’ts of using nutrients in vertical farms

“It’s important to use good quality liquid fertilizers in a vertical farm. It goes without saying that choosing the correct total hydroponic recipe for the crop type, humidity, temperature and the lighting used is very important,” says Roy O’Mahony, Co-founder and CTO at Cleangrow. Based in California,…

How to recognize and fix nutrient burn

Nitrogen and other nutrients are essential for plant growth; however, it is possible to overdo it. This is what you call a ‘nutrient burn’ and is a common growing issue that is easy to rectify if caught early on. It can be frustrating to see your plants struggling while you learn how to give them the…


Fulvic acid helps plants access nutrients more easily, reduces stress

It’s always tricky to ask a grower what makes their cannabis unique; it’s the same old story of the secret sauce: I’d let you have it, but don’t ask me what’s inside. Admittedly, it is a kind of fair attitude in an overly competitive context such as the cannabis industry. At the same time, cannabis…

Recovering nitrate from the effluent stream

Van der Ende Groep has been nominated for the GreenTech Concept Award 2021 with the new Nitrate Recovery system. The products that are eligible for this Award are seen as products with progressive technology, in line with the trends in the market, and with the most potential to have a successful market…

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