Marianne Hundtofte Nielsen, Vice President of Business Development & Director Medical Affairs at Aurora Europe

"It is necessary to update the information available from the past"

Of all the different horticultural crops, cannabis surely is one with a very peculiar history. While the many medical and economic benefits of this plant are very much acknowledged, the prohibition wave that started after World War 2 has prevented further research into the intricacies of cannabis.…

US: Company awarded US patent for method to increase CBD concentration in hemp biomass

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted Nextleaf Solutions a patent to a method for refining raw cannabis plant material. Nextleaf's latest U.S. patent covers a method for separating cannabinoid-rich trichomes from lower potency cannabis biomass, including most approved industrial hemp…

Front Range Biosciences releases results of case study

"HLVd represents the most challenging pathogen to face cannabis growers yet"

Front Range Biosciences has released the results of a case study demonstrating the effectiveness of using tissue culture as part of a Clean Stock program to clean plants infected with Hop Latent Viroid (HLVd), ensuring a stable and consistent supply of healthy, disease-free plants for cannabis…

US (MN): Company lays groundwork for gene-edited hemp

A biotechnology company has taken a key step toward genetically editing hemp with an eye toward easing large-scale production of the crop.  Calyxt, a Minnesota-based plant technology firm, has transformed the hemp genome to provide a “proof of concept” that the crop can be altered with its TALEN method of…

Ziv Gottesfeld, co-founder and CEO of HPNow

"Autonomous, chemical-free irrigation water treatment solution delivers consistent production and plant protection"

Cannabis irrigation is an extremely delicate process, as there are many elements to take into consideration that will dictate if an operation is going to be successful or not. Irrigation water treatment is a critical part of this delicate process – to ensure that all plants obtain their proper share of…

"Growers need to be certain that their genetics are proving a marketable potency level," Tivurcio Botello, Hydro-Promotions

Technology allows growers to carry out in-house flower testing

Cannabis is one of the most valuable crops, and as such, it has the potential to allow growers to be very profitable. Yet, in order to stand out in an ever-competing cannabis market, it is crucial that growers can improve their growing skills by releasing the highest quality products possible. However,…

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