New patent for hydroponic system that enriches liquid with gas bubbles

Enrichment Systems LLC, a pioneer in dissolved oxygen systems directed to the indoor and greenhouse agriculture industries, announced that it has been awarded U.S. Patent No. 11,344,852 titled "Hydroponic system and method for enriching a liquid with gas bubbles." The '852 patent is directed to a system…

New study to test cold plasma for oxygenating and disinfecting irrigation water

A new University of Florida (UF) study sponsored by Ingersoll Rand will compare other methods of oxygenation and disinfection with cold plasma technology, which has become a focal point for innovation and research in recent years, particularly in the agricultural and food industries. “The potential to…

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Experts say

"UK government has failed to plot a course for cannabinoids"

In a report, which will be launched by the UK’s Minister for Science, Research & Innovation, experts have called on Government to turbocharge UK cannabinoid innovation as they claim it has – so far – taken a “disinterested” attitude to the sector. “It is not sustainable or acceptable for the UK…

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Productivity target achieved for THCV in partnership to produce eight cultured cannabinoids

Cronos Group Inc. and Ginkgo Bioworks announced the achievement of the third target productivity milestone in their partnership to produce eight cultured cannabinoids. Using Ginkgo’s platform for organism design and development, Cronos has successfully achieved the productivity target for…

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InMed launches THCV

"Increasing demand for rare cannabinoids"

InMed Pharmaceuticals has launched B2B sales of the rare cannabinoid delta 9-dominant tetrahydrocannabivarin (d9-THCV) into the health and wellness sector via its wholly-owned subsidiary, BayMedica. “We are very excited to launch our highly anticipated d9-THCV and further enhance BayMedica’s growing…

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Israel: Cannabis strain with 20% more THC engineered by researchers

The researchers of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem successfully increased the level of THC by almost 17% and the level of CBG, often referred to as “the mother of all cannabinoids,” by close to 25%. Now Vainstein and his team were able to increase the ratio of terpenes, which are responsible for…

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