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Spectrum Cannabis Denmark first to receive approval by Danish authorities

DK: "Only one last step left before sales kick off"

A very happy day for the team with Spectrum Cannabis, the Danish subsidiary of Canopy Growth. As the first in the country the company has received the approval by the Danish authorities to produce cannabis.

Morten Snede, director of operations and logistics with Spectrum Cannabis, stated: "Now we are not trying anymore. We are now preparing ourselves to sell our product."

23,000 sq mt greenhouse
The subsidiary of Canopy Growth has started cultivation in a 23,000 sq mt greenhouse in Odense, Denmark for quite a while. Their goal is to grow 13 tons of medical cannabis on the farm annually. Even though they are producing cannabis, they haven't been allowed to sell their products.

The situation in Denmark is quite complicated. In 2018 a trial making medical cannabis accessible to patients started. However, since none of the producers were certified, nobody was allowed to sell their Danish grown cannabis and the market relied on imports. 

This is about to change with the cultivation of the first farms now being licensed - although they have to be patient for a little bit more.

As Morten points out, Spectrum Cannabis is just missing a very last step before sending its products to the market. "Danish authorities have to validate our batches. That is, we have to show them we can produce consistent high-quality cannabis," he said. "We will soon file a product registration, and if that is going to be approved, then we will be allowed to sell it to the market. This is the only last step we miss before providing customers with our products."

Still - it's an exciting day for the Danish team. "We were able to prepare everything. We could show that we can handle cannabis and produce high-quality products. In addition to that, Danish authorities could witness the goodness of our quality management system. This is very exciting for us and for Danish patients."

For more information:
Spectrum Cannabis Denmark
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