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A 3-part-powder-based nutrient formula

As more and more states pass legislation legalizing cannabis and hemp, the commercial industry is growing incredibly rapidly. Multi-billion dollar deals are now a regular occurrence in the cannabis industry, and just last month, Christopher Carey of Bank of America predicted that the cannabis industry could one day reach $166 billion in annual sales, disrupting not only the alcohol and tobacco industries but even the health and wellness industry.

With cannabis cultivation moving from the black market to the stock market, commercial growers are adapting the skills they honed in their home grows to a large scale. Part of this process has been to evaluate their growing supplies to ensure they are as cost-effective as possible.

Liquid nutrients have reigned supreme in the home grow market for a long time, however growers in the commercial space have been transitioning to powdered nutrients because of the cost-effectiveness and ease of use. Due to the difficulty in combining essential macro and micronutrients, most nutrient companies package them separately, forcing a grower to buy as many as a dozen separate products in order to obtain all of the nutrients cannabis plants need throughout their lifecycle. Liquid nutrient programs can be complicated and bulky, due mostly to the abundance of plain water included in every mix. A new powdered nutrient company out of Santa Rosa, CA, Lotus Nutrients, is proposing an alternative solution. "We blend all the essential nutrients into a simple three-part system formulated by medical growers and specifically designed for medicinal plants. Our water-soluble powdered nutrients are quickly becoming a preferred choice for commercial agriculture and a great solution for new growers, and work in both hydroponic and soil growth environments," the team with the company says. 

"Lotus Pro Series Nutrients feature a simplified 3-part powder-based formula that promises to outperform any 8, 9 or 10 part liquid recipe. The naturally formulated recipe is also dust free, 100 percent soluble, dye free and anti-caking, with no fillers."

“We worked tirelessly with an expert team of growers, scientists  and horticulturists to develop what is now known as Lotus Nutrients,” said Rory Kagan, CEO of Lotus Premium Plant Nutrients. 

The Pro Series line includes: 

  • LOTUS Pro Series Grow – aids in producing thick stems, tight internodal spacing, dense canopy development, and massive roots.
  • LOTUS Pro Series Bloom – designed to trigger rapid on-set of flowering by providing plants with all necessary components needed for strong development.
  • LOTUS Pro Series Boost – turbo-charged secret weapon that leads to unsurpassed size and density of flowers, while maximizing oil production for increased potency and taste.
  • LOTUS Pro Series Cal/Mag – the source of two of the most readily absorbed secondary nutrients.
  • LOTUS Pro Series Carboflush – designed to remove excess nutrient buildup, acts as a catalyst for flushing plants in their final stage of growth.

"I accidentally over-watered with my previous nutrient and burned my plants. I started using Lotus to see if I could save my crop. My plants went from tumbleweeds to having 5 inches of new growth within a week. Based on the easy application and amazing growth I saw, I will be stocking the entire line at my store," said Kelly of Root Solutions Hydroponics of Lodi, CA.  

A representative from Ohio Hydroponics reported, “I tested LOTUS Nutrients in one of my rooms and was shocked to see over 2 inches of plant growth overnight. I’ve since switched all of my rooms over to LOTUS and couldn’t be happier with the results.”

For more information:
Lotus Nutrients
P.O. Box 6105 Santa Rosa CA 95406
[email protected] 

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