Retrofitting an old vegetable glasshouse to an F-Clean cannabis facility

Starting new projects can be quite expensive and can take some time to set up. Especially in a fast growing market like cannabis production, quickly getting your facility ready for production can make or break your position in the market. Azrom found a quick solution for a cannabis grower in Portugal, by retrofitting a 20 year old Dutch glasshouse with F-Clean film. Zviki Porat with Azrom: “Renovating an old greenhouse is faster than building a whole new structure. Everybody wants to be the first one to supply in this market, so it’s important to be able to be quick.”

Changing the roof
The project will be finished in November, when the old Dutch glasshouse that used to grow vegetables will start being used for cannabis production. “We changed the roof, equipped the facility with all the necessary equipment for cannabis growing and covered it with F-Clean,” says Zviki. “We added blackout screens, shade screen, circulators and many other systems, all things that should help with controlling the climate for better cultivating conditions.”

"This project showcases our unique capabilities in engineering design, creativity in finding applied solutions, and our cumulative experience in completing complex projects." 

The whole project was not as simple as stripping the old glasshouse and plastering F-Clean on top, some preparations had to be made – specifically on the roof. “We had to design a solution to put the F-Clean film on the roof,” says Zviki. “The roof was not suited for F-Clean before, so we had to design the right parts and accessories so we could stretch the F-Clean on the roof. Since this is the first time we have ever done anything like this, this was uncharted territory for us and we are very satisfied with the results”

Though most greenhouses are still being built with glass, polycarbonate or polyethylene, Zviki and Azrom believe in F-Clean, especially for the cannabis market. “Cannabis is expensive to grow and high value, so you want a good and consistent cover that doesn’t wear much and preferably isn’t too expensive,” says Zviki. “With polyethylene you have to take time to change it, but F-Clean is not going to wear out. Glass is a good solution for places with heavy snow, and where a strong structure Is needed, but not for areas where that is not the case. On top of that, diffuse glass is extremely expensive, while F-Clean comes with a diffused cover while still being UV open – so it’s better for cannabis. F-Clean takes most of the advantages of both polyethylene and glass and combines them.”

The cannabis industry is relatively young but growing fast. One of the main reasons for this fast growth is the availability of horticultural technologies, but the team with Azrom stays modest on their own roll in the cannabis industry. “People think the advantages are the facilities and technologies, but we think it’s not only that,” he says. “The knowhow is in the hand of the master grower and his experiences, his research. This is the most important part, the knowledge. Technology is only as useful as a tool to elevate activity. And we are sure F-Clean is one of the best tools available for cannabis growers to do so”

That’s why the team with Azrom collaborates closely to growers in developing a project. “We understand deeply how to start, design, and finish a project,” he says. “It’s not about certain specific technologies, but it’s about the integration of all of them so they will work properly. Working together with the growers on that regard is important.”

Europe developments
Within Europe Portugal is not the only country where things are developing fast in the cannabis industry. “Portugal, Macedonia, and Greece are markets that are in the EU, which makes it easy to transport the material to other EU countries,” says Zviki. “Now especially Germany is an important market, since there is a lot of raw materials being purchased there for medicine. On top of that regulations in these countries are easier than in Israel and manpower is cheaper, so we think a lot of projects can be built in these areas. We’re happy that we’re able to work within the European rules so we can help growers benefit of these market opportunities.”

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