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CAN (ON): Companies partner up to support further development of cannabis 2.0 products for market readiness

A&L Canada Laboratories Inc., and Nutrasource Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Services have entered into a strategic alliance agreement where A&L Canada Laboratories will engage Nutrasource Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Services in extended services for products containing cannabis and hemp derivatives. "For R&D testing and analysis, A&L Canada Laboratories, Canada's leading full-service cannabis and hemp analytics lab, has been working with companies on beverages, edibles and other products for the Canadian consumer market for the past two years," the team with the company explains.

"A&L Canada has been providing end-to-end supply chain analytical services - from testing fertilizers, soil/media, plant tissue during the growing stages, disease diagnostics and the Health Canada testing for clients across Canada. A&L is integrating with Nutrasource to meet the additional needs of clients in the areas of non-gmo and allergen testing, sensory evaluation, vape hardware, and liquid fill testing nutrition, amongst others. Nutrasource has also established the International Cannabinoid Analysis Program for THC compliance and improving the safety profile of vape products. Nutrasource has extensive expertise and experience in regulatory affairs, clinical trials and claims substantiation globally in addition to product testing, and they work with clients to launch safe, effective high-quality products. This new relationship with Nutrasource will leverage their experience of 18 years in the market, having tested more than 20,000 plant- and marine-based product SKUs worldwide over that time."

"We are aiming to provide clients a more comprehensive service package to meet their product development needs," says Brian Coutts, A&L's Strategy and Business Development Manager, Food and Pharma. "When LPs ship the sample to us directly, we can complete the cannabis testing in-house then send the divided sample through to Nutrasource for food allergen and stability testing as required to name a couple. This will be efficient and will definitely save time and money for our clients."

Also, Nutrasource will engage A&L's cannabis and hemp analytical services - A&L Canada has a team of 120+ lab and service personnel who operate in over 30K sq. ft of laboratory facilities - as part of a larger portfolio of services offered to their clients.

"Clients tell us that our experience and expertise is what counts most," Brian Coutts confirms. "The LPs are after the right cannabinoids and terpenes for their products and their confidence in A&L starts with the plan to grow and moves through to finished product. A&L provides that grow-to-end product testing and analysis so improved product decisions can be made, whether it's flower or edible." Testing "Soil to Oil"

"A&L's expertise and capabilities are an excellent complement to Nutrasource's. This new agreement will provide greater service to both of our valued clients," said Greg Patterson, CEO, and founder of A&L Canada Laboratories. "Nutrasource has a proven track record working with wellness ingredients introduced into products for the consumer market in Botanicals, Omega-3s, Probiotics, Proteins, Multivitamins and now THCs and CBDs."

"A&L’s exemplar reputation and top-quality R&D team combined with complementary analytical services will serve our customers well and support our certification programs." William Rowe, President, and CEO of Nutrasource added, "We are excited to be working with A&L Canada Laboratories with their experience and strong market presence in not only the cannabis and hemp market but in all agricultural crops as well. This now represents a full strategic solution for our customers and the global health product marketplace."

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