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Operating greenhouse equipment up to 500 meter range without problems

With the increasing size of greenhouses, the importance of a well-functioning industrial remote control increases. The framework of the greenhouse must not be a hindrance and it must be safe to operate the most extensive machines.

The new, modular Tele Radio Panther R23 receiver with PLd safety meets this requirement. The housing has room for extra facilities such as more inputs and outputs without impeding safety-related functions, such as the certified emergency stop, explains KeesJan van der Elst, Director of Tele Radio Benelux.

KeesJan introduces the new receiver on behalf of Tele Radio. "Tele Radio is a global supplier of wireless control systems which was founded in 1955. Despite all our experience, the use of a transmitter in greenhouse horticulture is a challenge," says KeesJan.

The framework of the greenhouse acts as a jammer for signals. "Our Panther system has a range of up to 500 meters in greenhouses. Our tests have corroborated this range."

High frequency 2.4 GHz
In the open field, a range of up to 700 meters is possible. “All thanks to the 2.4 gigahertz frequency that we use in the Panther series and the techniques that exclude interference as much as possible. The high frequency ensures that the signal is reflected less.”

The entire Panther series, from simple hand transmitters to larger transmitters with an active emergency stop and various receivers, works with this license-free frequency.

The Tele Radio Panther remote controls are versatile, according to KeesJan. “Pumps, doors, irrigation systems and conveyor belts can be operated wirelessly without a problem. The operation can also be retrofitted and programmed on existing devices.”

For applications where the risk of injury is high, a system with a certified emergency stop on the transmitter is recommended. "This is the case with the Panther PLd transmitter (PN-T19-2) and the matching new R23 PLd receiver."

The R23 receiver is modular
The modular Panther PLd receiver R23 has been on the market since the spring. Modular means that the housing of the receiver contains an electronic baseboard on which extensions can be placed if needed, KeesJan explains. "For more functionality, the customer does not have to switch to another, more expensive receiver."

The R23 is expandable with additional relays, different fieldbus protocols, additional inputs, analog outputs and even additional radio communication options to enable communication between the receivers. Up to three extensions can be installed.

All Tele Radio Panther systems for remote control are robust, protected against liquids and extreme temperatures, KeesJan assures. "The built-in techniques ensure interference-free reception and various safety measures prevent the transmitter from being used unintentionally. With an active emergency stop, there is a constant, active connection between the transmitter and the receiver on machines, so that the operator can, in an emergency, always stop the operation."

The Panther PLd transmitter and the Panther R23 receiver futhermore are externally certified for this emergency stop function according to EN 13849-1: 2015 Category 3 Performance Level "d". The system consists of 4-wire safety, via double connections on each end of the stop relay.

As with many other Tele Radio products, the certification has been carried out externally by an independent inspection body (Notified Body - NoBo) according to EU guidelines. Safety therefore is always guaranteed.

The R23 receiver is interchangeable with all Panther transmitters, KeesJan confirms. However, he notes that in order to achieve a complete PLd safety system, a PLd certified transmitter such as the Panther PLd PN-T19-2 must be used.

Own programming
The Panther systems are programmable via USB by the user, according to KeesJan. "This makes it easy to properly adjust the system to the wishes of the customer. And of course, in case of questions or problems, the customer can always contact our technical service."

Additionally, the R23 also has the option to program all kinds of functionality without affecting the safety functions, such as the certified emergency stop. "These so-called 'FunctionBlocks' are an innovative, practical and fast way to program Tele Radio products. This is in line with Tele Radio's aim for safe, smart and robust solutions for industrial radio control," KeesJan van der Elst concludes.

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