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It's a kind of magic: using a wand to improve your yield

Every grower strives to improve the yield and quality of their crop. Since the cannabis industry is still very young compared to more traditional horticulture, it is not easy to find the magic secret to achieve the best crop. Yet, it is not necessary to be a wizard to cast a spell of yield improvement on cannabis plants, because BioRadiance has developed an LED Wand that does the magic for you.

“The BRe³ Wand is a slim, highly engineered, supplemental and synergistic LED light bar, designed to be installed alongside your current grow lights,” explains James Millichap-Merrick, CEO of BioRadiance. “The BRe³ Wand uses our patented cocktail of light energy, not found in any other grow light, to enhance the rate of photosynthesis; this results in amplified water and nutrient uptake, increased CO2 absorption and boosted oxygen production. By providing the plant with this unique supplemental energy, you naturally get stronger, bigger, and healthier plants, as well as bigger roots, stronger stems, better vascular development for increased nutrient uptake, and healthier buds and leaves.”

On the left: Without the BioRadiance BRe3 Wand; on the right: With the BioRadiance BRe3 Wand With the BioRadiance BRe3 Wand  

The magic is science
Although such a Wand sounds like magic, BioRadiance has spent many years in R&D to find the ultimate combination of light spectra that specifically benefit the growth and health of cannabis plants. “One of the most interesting things about the BRe³ Wand is that it has been proven to naturally destroy pathogens like powdery mildew, and other molds and bacteria,” James further explains. “This is a direct consequence of the unique cocktail of energy, as well as the boost in the plant’s immune system, making it more capable of defending itself.”

BioRadiance has validated the benefits of their BRe³ Wand through numerous professional tests and trials. “We have installed our supplemental light in a number of cannabis operations in the US,” James remarks. “Independent testing found yield increases up to 35.49%. In another trial, we installed the BRe³ Wand in a greenhouse without grow lights, and the grower had a 23.5% increase in overall flowering and a 13.4% increase in THC content. Thus, based on the data that the company has collected from many independent, professional tests and trials, the BRe³ Wand has been proven to produce more robust and healthier plants, “but not only that, as the BRe³ energy causes more uniformity in plant growth and increases yield, plants are free of any disease pressure or outbreak and produce a more potent cannabinoid profile when compared to plants grown without the supplemental BRe³ light source."

Low operational cost
Another cost-saving feature of the BRe³ Wand is  its very low energy consumption, “only 22W,” points out James, “and the change in the environment is absolutely minimal: the heat output is very marginal, little to anything. Bluntly put, it helps growers unlock the full genetic potential of their plants, regardless of their growing methodology: we have in fact designed the Wand in such a way that it can fit into any grow.”

On the left: Before - Without the BioRadiance BRe3 Wand; on the right: After - With the BioRadiance BRe3 Wand 

James takes care to point out that BioRadiance is incredibly passionate about clean growing, and residue-free crops. “No grower wants to use chemicals, but it is a struggle to grow the crop and fight pathogens simultaneously without them. So, we decided to concentrate our efforts to exploit the best technology when it comes to LED lights, by using what we call a super spectrum, which is a distinct spectrum of wavelengths from that which is emitted by normal LED grow lights. As we have seen, the results have been nothing but outrageous!”

Given BioRadiance’s passion for supporting growers to get the most out of their plants, their efforts are now focusing on optimization. “We are now performing tests to see if we can optimize our cocktail of light wavelengths to be cultivar-specific,” he says. “In one of those tests, we have seen a boost in CBG content for instance. Yet, this is just the beginning.” This is because the industry is still young, and the potential of the cannabis plant still needs to be fully understood. “In the future, we want to see improved optimization for cannabis growing so that specific cannabinoids can be targeted for increase, especially cannabinoids that can be helpful in treating serious conditions. The BRe³ Wand is a step towards such optimization, thus allowing growers and the industry as a whole to produce consistent, reliable, and effective medicines.”

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