Zenabis Global's Maltese joint venture, ZenPharm Limited, has received European Union Good Manufacturing Practices certification issued by the Malta Medicines Authority.

EU GMP certification is issued by the designated regulatory authority to pharmaceutical facilities that have passed a rigorous regulator-led audit and inspection process. EU GMP certification is a requirement for export of medicinal cannabis products into most European markets and ensures that patients seeking medicinal cannabis treatments benefit from the highest quality and safety standards in manufacturing processes.

ZenPharm will commence shipments of dried cannabis produced by Zenabis’ EU GMP compliant approved facility in Atholville, New Brunswick into the EU medicinal cannabis market upon receipt of its final license requirement issued by the Malta Medicines Authority for the Production of Cannabis for Medicinal and Research Purposes  as afforded under Chapter 578 of the laws of Malta, which is expected to occur in the first quarter of 2021. ZenPharm’s has already signed its first supply agreement with a customer located in Germany with minimum volume commitments of 500 kg per year.

Shai Altman, Chief Executive Officer of Zenabis, said: “the receipt of EU GMP certification by ZenPharm is a very significant accomplishment for the Company. This, together with the pending Cannabis License, are the last elements that will allow ZenPharm and Zenabis to access the vast EU medicinal cannabis market and we are looking forward to growing our footprint in this market.”

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