TransCanna Holdings has increased its cultivation capacity by 300%, enabling it to effectively triple production of its indoor flower. "With this increased cultivation capacity, Lyfted Farms can now meet consumer-driven demand in Northern California while expanding into the sizable Southern California home containing over 23,000,000 residents," TransCanna team explains. 

"We literally cannot keep up with demand as the vast majority of shipments are selling out within days of landing on retail shelves," said Alan Applonie, General Manager for TransCanna subsidiary, Lyfted Farms. "We have been waiting for the right time to enter the Southern California market but needed this increase in cultivation capacity to effectively build and preserve our reputation for unwavering quality and reliability with our retailers and consumers," said Mr. Applonie.

In addition to increasing output, the strategic location of the Company's new Daly facility in Modesto, California, takes full advantage of California's lowest industrial electrical costs per kilowatt-hour.

"Electricity is the largest direct cost for indoor cultivation so the location of our new facility gives us a massive competitive cost advantage that will increase our margins and empower us to offer consumers the best products at the most competitive prices," said Bob Blink, CEO of TransCanna.

The additional cultivation rooms coming online within the Daly facility also unlock Lyfted Farms' ability to leverage its multi-decade relationships within the industry. The expansion in cultivation capacity opens the door for collaboration with other dominant California cannabis lifestyle brands. Ensuing co-branding efforts (soon to be revealed) will be powerful and will impact all meaningful cannabis market segments within the state.

The new developments represent significant strides in TransCanna's mission to establish itself as California's leading cannabis conglomerate.

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