When a grower sets up a cultivation, they have to fill up a market proforma to have an idea of what the ROI would be once they will finally hit the market. Considering this setting up, a large-scale cultivation is something that takes up a lot of time,  and it goes without saying that it is critical to have proper expectations on where the market is going to be after a substantial amount of time. Price fluctuations might invalidate an old market proforma, and cannabis products that initially were deemed to be profitable may end up to be only so much. Vegetable growers have learned to deal with hectic markets, and have found ways to overcome such hurdles. Yet, cannabis growers could find themselves in uncharted territories, and end up with big quantities of cannabis that need to be sold with very slim profit margins. They might decide to hold the products until the market becomes more favorable, but as time passes, the quality of said cannabis fades away, thus decreasing its value.

Hitting the market at the right time
“There are increasing volumes of products in the market,” Pierre Blanchet with Janny MT explains. “Especially in the hemp and CBD space: you don’t have much time to sell it because products deteriorate quickly, and besides, everyone is selling roughly at the same moment, since the majority of hemp is grown outdoors and cycles are dictated by mother nature. Thus, you end up selling your cannabis for a low price.” The same challenge is faced by vegetable growers; yet, to solve the issue, they usually store the produce in a way that the quality stays the same, and wait for the market to be in a better shape before releasing their product. This is one of the reasons why Janny MT has developed their JANNY MT storing boxes, that are food quality certified and allow cannabis growers to store their cannabis safely without compromising its quality.

Preserving product quality
“The first system that we had was for fresh food,” Pierre explains. “Then, we expanded its scope to include cannabis as well. Generally speaking, to preserve your agricultural product over a long period of time, you store it in a cold our boxes are able to decrease the oxygen level, but without any added gas.” Indeed, the box is air-tight and has a system of membranes that allows to control the oxygen level inside. “The main goal of our Janny MT boxes is to keep the product for as long as possible, as well as preserving the quality as long as possible. This latter aspect is of the utmost importance, because you might be able to save your product and sell it at a later time, but if the quality gets worse, then the market is not going to respond positively.”

For dry CBD flower, a new airtight bin is use on the market to keep the relative humidity of the flower between 8 and 12%. This large capacity bin gives a security for smokable flower during a year and to secure the product against moisture, insect and dust.

The boxes by Janny MT come in two models: 600 liters for the EU market, and 700 liters for the US market. “Pacific Ag Consulting is a cannabis company that grows hemp over 25-acre of land,” Pierre remarks. “They are constantly looking for new technology to improve the efficiency of their business. They have used our system to keep their hemp at a high quality for over more a year. It goes without saying that doing such a thing can be extremely profitable for cannabis growers, generally speaking, as this allows them to release their product in the market at the most profitable time.”

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