The use of supplemental lighting in greenhouse agriculture has greatly increased in recent years. Producers are using high pressure sodium (HPS), light-emitting diodes (LEDs), and other types of lights to extend their production season. This has been accompanied by the need to use light abatement/blackout curtains to reduce light emissions from greenhouses during night-time hours. Light abatement/blackout curtains can change the greenhouse environment in a number of ways when the lights are on and plants are undergoing photosynthesis and respiration.

For example, greenhouse humidity and temperature can be greatly affected depending on the types of lights being used and the crop being grown. Managing the proper use of light abatement/blackout curtains in conjunction with supplemental lighting poses a challenge for producers. The objective of this webinar is to present greenhouse producers with information about different technologies available to them to manage the greenhouse environment when using blackout curtains and supplemental lighting. Speakers that specialize in different aspects of greenhouse environment management, such as curtain management, air-mix fans, heating and cooling, and overall energy management will present their strategies. This will be followed by a panel-style discussion to address questions from producers.

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