Puration and PAOG Group continue to work together on developing a variety of cannabis centric applications through a partnership that initiated when PAOG acquired Puration's cannabis cultivation business last year. 

"Operationally, Puration and PAOG are working together on Puration's Farmersville Brands project," the team explains. "Puration with PAOG's help, is building a 70-acre facility designed to provide interactive, demonstrable education on the potential of hemp to provide environmentally sustainable alternatives to over $1 trillion in existing industrial products and services currently damaging the environment.

The 70-acre facility is the cornerstone of Puration's overall Farmersville Hemp Brand strategy designed to accelerate the overall market growth of hemp derived products beyond the industry forecasted 2027 $15 billion market size.

PAOG is specifically partnering with Puration in Farmersville on the construction and operation of indoor, pharmaceutical grade, hemp growing facilities, and the construction and operation of a cannabis extraction lab

For more information:
14065 Proton Road, Farmers Branch, TX 75244