Thrive Agritech has released the new Pinnacle LED grow light.

"Energy-efficient LED technology allows the 600W Pinnacle light to effectively replace the best 1,000W double-ended high-pressure sodium lights commonly found in greenhouses and high-intensity indoor cannabis operations," Thrive Agritech team explains. "The new light can achieve the most demanding requirements, having demonstrated canopy intensities exceeding 1,500 PPFD in indoor flower rooms. Pinnacle utilizes leading-edge LED chip technology that generates an ideal combination of power and efficiency with a spectrum optimized for plant health and crop yield."

Thrive Agritech CEO, Brian Bennett, added, "We are truly excited about this announcement. Pinnacle makes it simple for our customers to replace their legacy lighting technology with state-of-the-art LED technology. And for customers designing a new facility, they will benefit from Pinnacle's ease of installation, low maintenance, high energy efficiency, and exceptional crop yields."

As with all Thrive Agritech products, Pinnacle is IP66 waterproof, UL8800 certified for safety, and comes with a standard 5-year warranty.

For more information:
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