Khiron Life Sciences is a vertically integrated cannabis leader with core operations in Latin America and Europe. As cannabis legalization expands globally, Prohibition Partners’ stats predict by 2024 the European market will be worth nearly $2.5 billion, and many want in. Some companies have already taken steps to get their foot in the door, Khiron Life Sciences among them.

Leading the Way Overseas 
In a recent press release, Khiron announced its achievement in transporting live clone cannabis strains from its Colombia-based cultivation site to Europe. The company seeks to grow its existing European offering, currently in the United Kingdom (U.K.) and Germany, by introducing dried flower and cannabis-based medicinal products. These products’ efficacy and safety continue to be validated in Colombia and Peru, where over 13,000 prescriptions have been written to date.

In collaboration with Nimbus Health, a leading medical cannabis distributor in Germany, Khiron is now positioned for imminent first sales in Germany. Khiron products are currently in inventory in the Nimbus warehouse, ready to be prescribed to patients and distributed through a vast network of 300 pharmacies across Germany.

Khiron is confident that its model has been proven in cultivation, strain, process, delivery systems and IP developed through clinics. Because of this, the company expects to accelerate the production and delivery of EU-GMP-certified medical cannabis products through its European team of contract manufacturing and distribution partners.

One way the company is adapting to the EU market will be via its delivery systems — dried flower as opposed to extract or medicinal preparations that are used within Colombian and other Latin American markets.

How Plant Clones Work
“A clone is a cannabis plant that is a genetic copy of a mother plant. These clones were cut from our THC and CBD-bearing mother plants in Colombia, which are used to make medicines for thousands of our patients in LatAm, over 13,000 paid prescriptions to date and growing quickly,” commented Tejinder Virk, Khiron’s managing director and president of its European team.

He added, “Europe has a population of nearly 748 million people and there is enormous patient need for cannabis-based medicines. However, doctors in Europe need solid clinical evidence to confidently prescribe medical cannabis for ailments such as pain, sleep, anxiety, etc. By replicating our Colombian magistrals as EU GMP-certified medicines, we aim at providing European doctors with practical, clinical evidence from Colombia. This will also help ensure European patients get safe and efficacious treatment.”

Khiron believes that its medical cannabis products have shown strong evidence as alternative treatments for ailments such as chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, depression, epilepsy, migraines and Parkinson's disease. As the company’s vertically-integrated seed-to-patient business model experiences tremendous success in Colombia, it predicts equal results overseas.

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