Cannsun Group's licensed 23-hectare cannabis cultivation facility in Cape Town, South Africa was awarded with GACP (Good Agricultural and Collection Practices) certification.

The certificate was awarded by Control Union a global agricultural supply chain and services company. The certificate, known as CUMCS, is awarded to companies that are found to be compliant in accordance with the standard as well as the WHO guidelines on Good Agriculture Collection Practices (GACP) for medical cannabis.

Cannsun’s Facility in Atlantis, Cape Town, is one of the largest licensed medical cannabis facilities in South Africa. Cannsun is currently harvesting 2,500 high THC flower and 400 CBG plants from its outdoor operations. Additionally, Cannsun will harvest 2,000 high THC flower grown in their greenhouse tunnels. The cultivation is grown with premium local genetics and will be available for medical distribution within 30 days both for domestic use and export. Cannsun expects between 500,000 to 700,000 grams of flower available for sale in Q2 2021.

“We are very pleased with the performance of our operations and team here in South Africa, receiving our GACP solidifies our goals to be a leading medical cannabis producer in our region. We will have the ability to serve the growing domestic demand and export to European countries looking for unique cannabis strains to treat medically prescribed patients.” commented Pholoso Malatji, Co-Founder and Head of South Africa Operations.

Cannsun’s current cultivation footprint is approximately 3.0 hectares including mother room, vegetation, flower, and drying/production facility. Expansion will be undertaken in Q4 2021 doubling existing cultivation footprint and constructing a GMP processing facility. Further expansion will be driven by continuing growth in domestic and global demand.

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