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The keys to successful germination of cannabis plants

The old saying goes that a good start is half the work. Think of the germination phase, for instance. This is a critical phase of cannabis cultivation, as it would dictate the growth of the plant. Thus, one has to consider how to carry this out: seeds or cuttings? 

Such an apparently easy question conceals the actual complexity of the answer. Selecting one of the two methods will have repercussions on the whole operation, therefore it is of the utmost importance to consider the pros and cons of both.

Seeds or cuttings? 
“The use of cuttings is a safer methodology to maintain specific characteristics in young plants,” Juan Manuel Garcia, Product Manager and agronomic advisor at Projar. “For instance, you want your plants to be resistant to a specific pest or disease, or you want them to have certain organoleptic properties. Overall, cuttings are the safer way to maintain those.” 

Juan Manuel Garcia, Product Manager and agronomic advisor at Projar 

On the other hand, seeds generate a brand-new plant that is very productive, yet grows rather slowly in the early stages. “The roots system you get from seeds is more robust than that you get from cuttings,” Juan Manuel points out. “Thus, seeds are ideal for outdoor cultivation, where the plant needs to be sturdier and more resistant as it is at the mercy of mother nature.”

Special substrates
Considering how delicate cuttings can be, especially when it comes to transplanting them, Projar has developed substrates specifically for this. “CannaPro and CannaPro Extra have been developed specifically for cannabis germination,” Juan Manuel says. “CannaPro is composed of blond peat, black peat, coconut fiber, and perlite. Such a mixture ensures a good development of the roots system, as well as proper airflow, drain capacity, and durability of the substrate.”

A porous substrate with a light structure guarantees optimal airflow and humidity conditions for roots to grow healthy and strong. "A vigorous root system with greater branching will anchor itself better to the deeper layers of the substrate and will facilitate the absorption of nutrients."

To strengthen the roots in the initial phase of cultivation, the substrate must have a high Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC). For this reason, in addition to blond peat, cocopeat and perlite, a good substrate should include a high content of organic matter. “Which is exactly the reason why we have developed CannaPro Extra,” Juan Manuel remarks. “This substrate is particularly suitable for those varieties with high nutritional and water requirements. The worm humus and micro-organisms within the substrate facilitate rapid nutrient uptake and ensure the plant grows strong throughout the cycle.”

To address the challenges of starting with seedlings, Projar has also developed Grow Cubes. “These are small cubes of coconut fiber that offer the optimal medium for seedlings before they get transplanted,” Juan Manuel says. “The coconut fiber guarantees a correct and rapid initial development of the roots system thanks to the optimal airflow, water retention capacity, and high porosity. This would improve roots’ uptake capacity as well as the overall health of the plant.” 

Considering the inherent complexity of cannabis cultivation, it is not surprising the amount of smallest details every grower needs to pay attention to. The germination phase only requires a lot of planning and scrutiny, and this is just the beginning of the journey of the cannabis plant. “This is why it is critical to rely on experts in large-scale growing and cannabis to be sure that a grower operates at the highest efficiency,” Juan Manuel remarks. “Because of this, we at Projar are poised to support growers during the cultivation phase thanks to our consulting services. Our main mission is to allow cannabis growers to be successful, and we have developed all the means necessary to assist them.”

Discover more details of the germination of cannabis plants by downloading the Projar guide from this link 

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