NextLight has just released the NextLight Plus Pro. This high efficiency - supplemental greenhouse fixture is DLC Hort Listed, qualifying for energy rebates and backed by NextLight’s 5 Year Full Manufacturer's Warranty.

"The thin profile design minimizes shadows in the greenhouse and ensures vigorous production throughout the entire year, without bulb changes and maintenance," NextLight team explains. "NextLight fixtures emit a full spectrum, bright white light which is more sun-like than even your traditional HPS. Using this spectrum, you can expect tighter internodal spacing and better overall quality."

"Contrary to popular beliefs of the past, NextLight continued to pioneer the use of bright white, full-spectrum LED, which has now become the gold standard in grow lighting.

"The NextLight Plus Pro - 320W LED Grow Light is designed for supplemental greenhouse and various indoor applications. NextLight’s Full Spectrum is recommended from seed to harvest " the team continues. "It is passively cooled, and on top of that, it is completely plug and play: it contains power and dimming cords, power supply, and mounting hardware." The NextLight Plus Pro is DLC Hort listed, with 2.6 PPF/W (μmol/J), UL 8800, IP65 Wet Rated, and come with a  5 Year Full Warranty for all components, down to the diode. External dimming can be carried out via NextLight Control Pro, which can manage up to 500 NextLight Pro Series fixtures.

For more information:
4061 Clough Woods Dr.
Batavia, OH 45103