The Sun Company tackles energy challenges with diversified renewable solutions, and few industries face bigger energy challenges than cannabis growers. An indoor grow can produce higher yields and THC levels in a climate-controlled setting, but extreme energy costs, grid disruptions, and access limits can severely complicate operations. The Sun Company offers a diversified solution in sun-powered cannabis.

"Imagine an indoor grow with energy independence, lower consumption costs, and protections against central grid fluctuations and failures," the Sun Company team explains. "That's the diversified solution provided by microgrids, securing ambient internal temperatures with geothermal, drawing energy from solar power, and protecting that energy with cutting-edge battery technology."

A microgrid is a self-sufficient, on-site energy system with an option to connect to the central grid, but when disconnected, it operates independently and autonomously like a local electrical island. This advanced system helps enhance reliability and protect grows against power outages and rolling blackouts. That same microgrid can draw sun-powered energy from solar technology allowing growers to dramatically decrease their consumption costs and environmental impact. Growers utilize the power of the sun without energy uncertainty or an oversized carbon footprint.

A microgrid also provides a solution for licensed growers whose utility company does not have the required infrastructure in their area. In such cases, growers must often pay for the buildout themselves which the utility giant will then own and charge the growers to use. By contrast, a microgrid investment creates infrastructure that the growers own, the consumption costs are significantly lower and surplus sun-powered energy can be sold back to the grid.

"Repurposing your grow with sun-powered indoor cannabis provides the type of energy independence and cost stability that the modern cannabis grower needs," says industry expert Jason Rhude. "The Sun Company is the only organization servicing the cannabis industry with off-grid energy solutions."

By adopting diversified renewable solutions, cannabis growers can transition to a sun-powered energy system that provides immediate and ongoing benefits. 

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