BC Hop Company has successfully obtained approval from Health Canada for the inclusion of Painted Lady and Eighty-Eight onto the 2021 List of Approved Cultivars for Hemp.

"In 2018 we pivoted toward growing industrial hemp for non-THC cannabinoids. Expanding from our expertise in hops, we quickly realized terpene-rich feminized, high CBD genetics need to be on Health Canada's List of Approved Cultivars. Today, we see a landmark change toward feminized seed and we are proud to offer two of the best cultivars available to Canadian farmers," remarked Dwayne Stewart

Painted Lady and Eighty-Eight are patented genetic varieties developed by Davis Farms of Oregon LLC. BC Hop Company Ltd. has the exclusive distribution rights for these cultivars in Canada

Expert plant breeder and owner of Davis Farms of Oregon Jeremy Klettke explains "We chose to partner with BC Hop Company because they have a history of getting things done right, as this accomplishment shows." 

"A cultivar is a unique and proprietary plant variety achieved through selective breeding. Both Painted Lady and Eighty-Eight are frost tolerant, mold and mildew resistant, rapid to root, and thrive in moderate climates. They are high in terpenes (aroma and flavour creators) and are resistant to pests. Painted Lady has profiles of lemongrass and citrus with fuel-like undertones. Eighty-Eight's profile hints of earthy tones with honey and sweet citrus aroma."

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