Maes Lighting has launched the new “Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights” for Indoor Plants. "If you want to grow indoor plants, you need to have high-yield indoor Cannabis LED lights," Maes Lighting team says. "These must be capable of providing the type of light your crops need to boost healthy development and yield incredible flowers."

"The Maes Luxgrow LED grow lights are high-quality cannabis grow lights that are professionally engineered with SP2 full spectrum light which delivers what the plant needs for optimal growth," they continue. They are equipped with a high amount of 460 nm blue photons. "Tailored for rapid growing of cannabis' full growth stage, from the propagation to aging in indoor environments, including the germination, clones, vegetative growth and flowering applications. It offers a comfortable working environment with the CRI level of 83. They make use of SP1 full spectrum light for rapid growth from the propagation to aging in indoor environments. Their products are equipped with a high amount of the 660 nm red photons to optimize the flowering stage. Samsung LED and dimming built in. These LED Grow Light products can bring over 1000 µmol /s.m2 PPFD value in the flowering stage at 12 inches. MAES Lighting keeps the most popular models in stock."

Once you’ve determined whether LED grow lights are right for you or want to change your old one, it’s time to calculate your specific lighting needs so you can budget for your new grow room now. 

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