The U.S. Cannabis Council (USCC) has appointed Tahir Johnson as the Director of Social Equity and Inclusion.

USCC’s mission is rooted in achieving social justice and ensuring those impacted by cannabis prohibition have access within a legalized system. Johnson will further this mission, creating programs and content that address industry concerns surrounding social equity.

“We’re on the precipice of federal cannabis legalization, and while there is much opportunity to be had, I am acutely interested in who has access to the opportunity,” said Johnson, host of Cannabis Diversity Report podcast and previously the Business Development and Diversity Equity & Inclusion Manager at the National Cannabis Industry Association. “The USCC shares this passion, and I take this position knowing that cannabis leadership has the power and responsibility to impact real and honest change—and I look forward to playing a part.”

In his first 90 days, Johnson will invite industry stakeholders from the equity community—both inside and outside the cannabis industry—into the discussion. While Johnson will focus efforts federally, he will also play a role on the state level, ensuring diversity, equity and inclusion are part of every conversation possible. Johnson will also turn his attention internally, creating an accountability task force to help USCC members progress with their social equity goals.

“Tahir is a change agent committed to solving industry challenges related to social equity and social justice,” said Roz McCarthy, Founder and CEO of Minorities for Medical Marijuana. “I'm counting on Tahir to get in good trouble, necessary trouble in his fight for social equity.”

Prior to cannabis, Johnson attended Howard University and worked in wealth management with Morgan Stanley, where he served on the Diversity Council.

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