GrowGeneration has partnered with Belushi's Farm to outfit its newest greenhouse. Based in Oregon, Belushi's Farm was founded in 2015 by performer Jim Belushi to cultivate premium medical and recreational cannabis, producing signature brands such as Belushi's Secret Stash, The Blues Brothers, and Captain Jack's.

"We've spent several weeks on the ground in Oregon working with Jim and his exceptional team at Belushi's Farm working on plans and visiting our retail locations for top-grade supplies," said Jeremy Corrao, Vice President of Commercial Operations at GrowGeneration. "Our team of grow professionals are experts in cannabis-growing techniques, and we're excited to support Jim's vision with GrowGeneration's unparalleled supplies and services."

"GrowGeneration is getting in there with us and building this incredible greenhouse system that will nearly double our yield," said Jim Belushi. "I didn't know this was possible until they came through! They're a sharp crew and we've been working together to keep the plants dancing like the Blues Brothers — there's this perfect amount of warm sun and light when they need it, the fresh soil, crisp air, and beautiful Rogue River water — I think these crops may be happier than ever!"

GrowGeneration is America's fastest-growing commercial cultivation retailer in the U.S., with more than 53 stores across the U.S., including two stores in Oregon, where Belushi's Farm is headquartered, and 23 stores in neighboring states such as California, Nevada, and Washington. Earlier this week, GrowGeneration announced it will enter Mississippi, a gateway to the Southern market, this summer as its 13th state. 

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