Several years ago, Toigo Farms, one of the largest organic tomato growers in North America at the time, teamed up with renowned pharmacists who saw the potential of medical marijuana early on. They shared the vision of providing a biological alternative to traditional pharmaceutical medicines. This is how Organic Remedies came into being in 2018. Organic Remedies is committed to producing affordable and high-quality medical marijuana products.

Organic Remedies is dedicated to research and develops innovative genetic programs in their own research center in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. This state-of-the-art facility of over 23,000 m2 (250,000 sqft) houses the laboratory where medical marijuana is extracted and produced, as well as the greenhouse where the cannabis is grown and harvested.

Organic Remedies soon saw the added value of growing under LED. The properties and advantages of the water cooled LED grow lights from Oreon tie in well with the high-quality product that Organic Remedies strives for, for its products. The water-cooling technique of Oreon’s LED fixtures enables them to reuse the gained heat to heat up the irrigation water for the plants.

The first phase of the greenhouse is currently being provided with a full LED installation of Oreon's Dutch Powerhouse Monarch fixtures. These LED fixtures are installed in a configuration of 5 fixtures per 8m truss, yielding a light intensity of 450 µmol/s.

The second phase of the project is going to be realized by Oreon dealer Westland Greenhouse Solutions. Tyler Rodrigue, Director of Sales and Projects at Westland Greenhouse Solutions says: "I have seen some great results, and the growers are also seeing great returns on their yields and quality since installing the first phase of fixtures. Together we are confident that this can be a great solution moving forward for other growers as well. The combination of the high output resulting in less fixture count and the ability to extract the heat from the fixtures and reuse it in the growing area for another use, has proven to be very advantageous."

Westland Greenhouse Solutions will install 1,650 of the latest Monarch fixtures in a 13,860 m2 (149,187 sqft) space. These LED fixtures are expected to be put into use before the new lighting season starts.

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