RYAH Medtech has entered into a definitive wholesale supply and distribution agreement with Medical Kiwi

The new agreement will enable RYAH’s suite of connected IoT devices and cloud-based data analytics to be connected with Medical Kiwi’s cultivated medical cannabis formulations and patient network for pre-clinical and clinical trial settings as well as medical patient care in New Zealand.

In addition, RYAH and Medical Kiwi intend to explore medical device registration for the RYAH dose-control Smart-Inhaler, which would be the first of its kind in the country.

“Our new partnership with Medical Kiwi Ltd in New Zealand further expands our global clinical and distribution network for plant-based medicine and digital patient care," said Gregory Wagner, CEO of RYAH Group Inc. and of RYAH Medtech, Inc. "In December 2019, the New Zealand Government passed legislation to improve access to medical cannabis products. Our new relationship with Medical Kiwi presents an opportunity for both parties to drive innovation and to deliver cutting edge plant-based medical solutions in New Zealand."

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