Westland Horti Tours has started giving tours of the Westland greenhouses again. This was not possible for a while due to the anti corona measures, but recently the first tours of this year took place again. Two students from ArtEZ University of the Arts with an interest in water management were guided through the greenhouses by Aad Verduijn.

Fortunately, Aad's enthusiasm hasn't been touched by corona. Anna, one of the students, emailed the following a few days after the tour:

“Aad Verduijn gave us a clear tour of the greenhouses of the Westland. We came to him with a clear question: how is water managed in greenhouse horticulture? Aad told us about the different water systems, which he showcased at each greenhouse. He put us in touch with various growers, to whom we asked many questions. A fantastic day! And we learned a lot about water use in the greenhouse! ”

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