GreenLight has secured money back on utilities for its 50th cannabis cultivation facility customer.

Indoor Cannabis cultivation facilities use a lot of energy. Utility billing structures are complex and require years of experience to find irregularities, billing errors, classification mistakes, or available exemptions.

“Our simplified proprietary auditing process can result in both retroactive refunds and ongoing savings totaling up to 15% of annual utility costs,” explained Isaac Liebes, VP of Cannabis consulting for GreenLight. “We’re not replacing any existing vendors or energy supply contracts you might have in place. GreenLight works directly with the utility, municipality, or local utility supplier in securing necessary documentation and data to complete a thorough audit and negotiate adjustments, thereby limiting the distraction to the client.’’ GreenLight also eliminates any concern by offering this service on a contingency basis. In other words, there’s no financial risk to the client. If we can’t uncover a quantifiable opportunity, there is no charge to you.

These opportunities are available nationwide in a variety of forms. Isaac says GreenLight is currently working with cannabis clients in 12 states. For example, GreenLight works with Prohibition Herb, a Colorado-based vertically integrated cannabis brand with multiple growing facilities.

The experienced GreenLight staff utilizes its engineering division and knowledge of the complex structures of rates, tariffs, riders, and local laws to identify savings, billing errors and inconsistencies, and was able to secure utility bill refunds on the Prohibition Herb utility bills. It was all done with no changes to the facilities or growing equipment. John Menzies, the owner and CEO, noted “The entire process of working with GreenLight was smooth and required no interruptions to our daily operations.”

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