Pozeen has announced model GL-CON001, a grower-friendly grow light controller, for indoor and greenhouse cultivation.

Guided by the philosophy of simplicity, the controller is cell-phone-sized and easy to operate with just one hand. With a slidable bracket backside, the controller can hang onto the wall, grow rack, grow light;  you can find this almost anywhere in the facility.

The controller, with a display, comes with five buttons. Thanks to the eco-friendly user interface, you can access and set dimming scheduling and sunrise sunset, with a simple tap. The controller takes 0-10V signal and can control up to 25 light fixtures or 200 feet signal wire length.

At the bottom of the controller, there is an RJ12 port as well as a 3-pin push-in terminal block, which makes it possible to work with any light fixtures. A power adaptor is already factory included in the box, which makes installation a matter of “plug and play”.

Compared to Fluence dimmer which only dims up and down, the Pozeen model GL-CON001 provides more functionality at a better cost. The model GL-CON001 also surpasses Gavita EL1 controller with access to sunrise and sunset function. The Pozeen model GL-CON001 grow light controller makes it possible for growers all over the world to find a more friendly, affordable, and advanced entry-level lighting controller.

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