LiveWire Ergogenics' affiliate company Estrella River Farms has received approval for its State license application for cannabis cultivation on historic Estrella Ranch in California.

Bill Hodson, CEO of LiveWire and Managing Member of Estrella River Farms states, “Today, we are pleased to announce that ERF received approval for its initial acreage of outdoor cannabis cultivation and officially creates the world’s first Estate Grown Weedery – the cultivation of organically grown, hand-crafted cannabis on a family style farm.”

Estrella River Farms has received notification from CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing, a division of the California Department of Food and Agriculture that its State license application was approved for its location in Paso Robles California in the Central Coast of California.

Hodson continues, “This rigorous process took about 20 months to complete and is a major milestone in the execution of our long-term business plan and will allow us to accelerate the implementation of our unique and sustainable business model. Estrella River Farms is now at what I consider, the finish-start line and will have plants in the ground immediately following the County’s final walk-through inspection.”

Estrella River Farms applied for this first Medium-Outdoor license to be classified as Medicinal, because the State’s medical cannabis laws provide protection from Justice Department interference. "As the legal environment continues to evolve, ERF will be in an ideal position to easily scale up cultivation to maximum capacity of the total available acreage, providing growth potential for years to come," LiveWire team explains. "The Company has already established multiple relationships with large distributors to enter into supply agreements, assuring immediate utilization of several well-established distribution channels."

Hodson adds, “The application and compliance process is complex and time consuming, but the staff at San Luis Obispo County has been great to work with, especially through the challenges of this past year’s pandemic. We assembled a great team of consultants with in-depth knowledge of extensive local water conservation, endangered species and numerous zoning laws necessary to navigate the requirements set forth by the County. We also have the added benefit of being guided by the most knowledgeable cannabis attorney in the State to interpret and comply with all local and State regulations.”

LiveWire plans to utilize the experience gathered in the legal and environmental maze of the California cannabis sector during the last two years to expand the business further beyond its current operation, when ready. Management will evaluate new real estate properties that may qualify to be permitted for additional production sites and consider strategic alliances and/or partnerships as viable under its strict operational rules. The Company will pursue this strategy in an economically responsible way, to further accelerate growth and generate solid revenue and increasing profits moving forward.

“Estrella Ranch was previously owned by the King of Morocco and later by the eldest grandson of William Randolph Hearst and is now considered the crown jewel of California cannabis properties, located in the heart of the Central Coast wine country – ideal for growing premium organic outdoor flower. The goal is for the crop and its branding to comply with, and be protected by, the CDFA’s Cannabis Appellations Program when their requirements are finalized,” Hodson concludes.

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