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US (CA): Company developed patented container that helps keep terpenes, aroma, and cannabinoids intact and protects them from degrading

Advanced Container Technologies has packaging solutions that will keep products, including cannabis, fresher for a longer period of time.

According to an article in Packaging Digest, cannabis is particularly sensitive to degradation if exposed to the environment.

“Cannabis flower is sensitive to moisture, oxygen, and light. These ambient conditions can undercut the flower’s effectiveness, flavor, and aroma—the very characteristics consumers want and expect. Product integrity hinges on the packaging that provides ample protection from these environmental threats,” according to the publication.

“Finding a pack that protects against light is fairly straightforward, but safeguarding flower from degradation related to oxygen and moisture is more challenging. Protecting the flower’s terpenes is essential. Terpenes are volatile organic compounds that give cannabis flower its aroma and flavor, and influence its effects,” the article stated.

ACTX acquired the patented Medtainer to specifically address these concerns. The Medtainer is air-tight and moisture-proof to significantly help prevent degradation of cannabis flower and to preserve the natural aromas, terpenes, and cannabinoid compounds.

The Medtainer uses FDA-approved medical-grade plastics and also features a unique built-in grinder.

“With the vape crisis of 2019, many people returned to flower as their product of choice,” said Doug Heldoorn, CEO of Advanced Container Technologies. “Our Medtainer offers growers, dispensaries, and consumers a simple method to store and protect cannabis flower from environmental damage, so the product is always as fresh and as rich in terpene and cannabinoid content as possible.”

ACTX also announced that it is now offering printing directly on glass jars and plastic containers. Commonly known as “screen printing,” it is ideal for rigid surfaces such as plastic, glass, and metal. In this method of printing, images are transferred directly onto the packaging, which provides not only the most economical solution but also the best results.

“We are proud to offer this state-of-the-art printing system that gives our customers beautiful, high-end packaging solutions at an affordable price,” Heldoorn added. “We continue to strive to offer products and packaging that helps our customers build their businesses, generate sales, and strengthen their brands.”

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