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Choosing the correct growing medium is a key decision to obtain a bumper crop

Cannabis culture in hydroponic

Despite the number of different cultivation methodologies, hydroponic or soilless cultivation in substrates is one of the most used in the cannabis industry. This is, of course, a consequence of the easiness of use, of transport, and low cost of such a setting. “It is crucial to be familiar with large-scale cultivation, but also it is equally crucial to be knowledgeable of what soilless cultivation entails,” says Alejandra Pintos, agronomist with Projar. She continues by saying that, regardless of the cultivation being outdoors or indoors, the result is always to get uniform, and high-quality flowers. This can be achieved by controlling certain things.

Alejandra Pintos, agronomist with Projar 

The substrate
One of the first things to consider is the choice of the substrate “being knowledgeable on substrate management is critical,” she says. “At the end of the day, what matters is if what a grower is using is good for their cultivation. Yet, being aware of the do’s and don’ts can minimize some minor mistakes”. That is why Projar has developed a complete line of substrates suitable for any grower and cultivation. “But the most important thing is to know what the grower is aiming for” Alejandra remarks. “The selection of the substrate depends on the cultivation setting: the irrigation system, the fertigation, how many plants per square meter, but also the cultivar the grower is growing. For instance, if the plant is vigorous, the right substrate would sustain the growth. Also if it’s necessary to give some stress in any phase of the crop, the combination of a suitable substrate and a correct handling will allow it.”

Where to put them? 
“Another important decision is the type of container where the crop will be developed since the morphology of the roots will depend on it. Using individualized containers or pots greatly facilitates the control and agronomic result" says she. “Especially in large plantations where there is a high density of plants per square meter: having containers specifically designed for cannabis helps with management and fertigation work, maximizing plant growth and offering greater control over the quality of the harvest.”

“Individualized plant growth also helps to prevent root pathogens from spreading” she adds. “For instance, the easiest way to stop that from spreading is to remove the plant from the cultivation – which can be done easily in a containerized situation.”

But of course, selecting the container is a beast of its own. Volume, size, shape, raw material, resistance…are parameters to consider. “This needs to be just perfect and adapted to the needs of the project” she says. “For example, a too small container can cause root stress, thus limiting plant development. On the other hand, if the container is too large then it will result in unnecessary extra cost: this because it would need more substrate, more water to be filled with; on top of that, because of the increased weight, transportation cost also increases.”

“Square pots are ideal for high-density, short-cycle cannabis. They allow a higher ratio of plants per m2 than other methods. They optimize space and are resistant and reusable. Our Easyplanters are also an excellent option as they are bags that incorporate the substrate and it is ready-to-plant format. They are comfortable and light to transport and 100% biodegradable. In addition, it is a coconut fiber substrate selected exclusively for cannabis plants, with high water retention and excellent drainage capacity,” Alejandra remarks. "Having strong and well-developed roots system is the key to the success of any good crop and that can only be obtained by taking care of the choice of the substrate and the cultivation container".

Alejandra takes care to point out that the wide selection offered by Projar has been designed specifically to support cannabis growers with every type of method they grow their cannabis with. “It was important for us to offer flexible hydroponic growing solutions that can be applied to any cultivation setting. This because we follow our growers closely, helping them to understand what is necessary in terms of substrates and containers to grow the highest quality cannabis, and stand out in this highly competitive market.” 

"Projar offers a vast series of cannabis cultivation solutions, and growers can also have a look at our technical guide," she concludes.

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