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US (CA): Modular indoor farms now certified by independent engineering firm

Advanced Container Technologies announced that GrowPods – portable and scalable modular indoor micro-farms – have been certified by an independent engineering firm. With these stamped structural, engineering, and electrical drawings, owners of GrowPods will be able to get their systems up and running rapidly, and far quicker than uncertified systems that can take months or even years to obtain city and county approvals.

GrowPods are automated indoor micro-farms that provide a controlled environment for the cultivation of premium quality vegetables and herbs. GrowPods are manufactured by GP Solutions, and are exclusively distributed by ACTX for use in the cannabis and hemp sectors.

According to the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE), a Professional Engineer (PE) stamp shows that you hold your work to the highest standards.

“Only PEs can sign and seal engineering drawings,” according to the organization. “Professional Engineers are recognized by governments and by the public as an assurance of dedication, skill and quality.”

There are several reasons stamped engineering plans are so important:

First, engineer-approved plans expedite the permitting process. Building officials trust plans that structural engineers are willing to stamp.

Secondly, stamped plans provide an assurance that your structure is safe and it will last. This can not only provide peace of mind, but may also help with insurance underwriting, investor confidence, and banking relationships.

When a structural engineer applies their stamp to building plans, the engineer is in effect guaranteeing the performance of that structure. The engineer is on the line for the safety of that building throughout the life of the structure. Accordingly, they will never put their stamp of approval on any structure that is unsafe, subpar, or below standards.

“Many cities have lengthy and cumbersome permitting and approval processes for the placement of new structures,” said Doug Heldoorn, CEO of Advanced Container Technologies. “Now that GrowPods have been examined and stamped by an independent engineering firm, our customers can get their pods operational far quicker than ever before, which translates to a faster revenue flow and a quicker ROI.”

Additionally, those businesses that want to add new pods to an existing operation can now do so without fewer obstacles or delays.

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