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Special gutter system provides cleaner, algae-free drainage water for cannabis cultivation

Meteor Systems has developed a cultivation system. It has GM-14 gutter pipes and a drip irrigation system. This irrigation and gutter system work together. The drip system is pressure-regulated and self-closing. The GM-14 gutters and Supertif drip system are ideally suited for cannabis cultivation. That's according to Alex van der Meulen of Meteor Systems. This Dutch company produces the systems.

The GM-14 gutter system is supplied complete with suspension, water drainage, and gable ends.


Deliberately small drainage holes
This gutter manufacturer's products are commonly found in commercial cannabis cultivation. "The GM14 gutter is an entirely closed cultivation system. It consists of two parts. The first is the platform on which the substrate mats or pots are placed. It has 10mm drainage holes," explains Alex.

"The second part is the drainage container. This is under the platform. The drainage holes mean all the water is collected in this part. We manufacture these two parts to connect perfectly. So, the inside of the drain tray remains dark. This prevents algae growth, and the water stays cleaner. The drainage holes' small diameter also prevents the plants' leaves and flowers from falling into the water. That ensures there's less chance of blockages in the drain water recycling process."

Large maximum free span
The drainage water is separate from the substrate pots. So, there's no chance of the plants' roots touching the water. That means viruses and fungi can't be picked up via the water.

Once the cultivation is over, growers clean the greenhouse. And preparations can be made for the new growth cycle. This is where the gutter's next feature comes in, says Alex. "It's a closed gutter. This means it is easy to clean the inside of the drainage gutter."

But why specifically large-scale cannabis farming? "This gutter needs fewer suspensions or supports. The free span can be up to 5m."

This gutter system has another advantage. You can easily install the drip irrigation system under the gutters or along their length. "Our drippers are pressure-regulated and self-closing. So, they not only ensure better water distribution in the substrate. There's less clogging and optimal water temperature, oxygen, and acidity levels too," Alex concludes.

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