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New partner JB Hydroponics helps Atrium Agri grow

"Now that our customers are getting bigger, we want to be closer to the source"

It was time for Atrium Agri’s growth strategy to take the next step. JB Hydroponics, a specialist in cultivation systems and substrates, is now the seventh partner in the partnership of Henk Verbakel (Havecon), Edward Verbakel (VB Group), and Koen Brabander (PB tec). "With the added value of JB Hydroponics, we've taken another step towards achieving our ambitions," the teams say.

JB Hydroponics (JBH) has been a familiar name on the international stage for years, thanks to the company’s concepts for flexible and constructive solutions for substrates, substrate systems and turnkey projects. The JBH product range includes steel cultivation systems, possibly in combination with PP or PVC systems, and container systems. The company also supplies Tempex systems (used for alstroemeria cultivation, among other things) and substrates. The systems are available for all types of crops and substrates. With 7 of its own roller machines, JBH is one of the most important players in the area of cultivation systems.

Promoted to the champions league
Job Bossers, director of JBH, says that he’s very proud to have been able to take this step forward. “For me, being asked to join this gigantic partnership signals recognition of what I’ve built up over the past 20 years. Under my leadership, JBH has grown into a financially sound and profitable organization. Personally, I know what I’ve achieved, and when I was asked to play in the 'champions league’, I realized that this hasn’t gone unnoticed in the sector.” Job then spoke more about JBH's continued independence. “I’ve built up a solid base of customers, including competitors of Atrium Agri partners. What immediately appealed to me about Atrium Agri is that they don't want to hold us back, or force us to make choices. The partnership has to benefit everyone involved. JBH remains an independently operating company with its own customer base, culture, history, and a very bright and exciting future. As director of JB Hydroponics, I will continue to promote these aspects for a long time to come.”

Advantages for partner and customer
“It won’t come as a surprise that Atrium Agri continues to roll out their plans,” says Henk Verbakel of Havecon. “Our turnkey projects almost always require a cultivation system. We have always managed this very well with the help of our partners and will continue to do so. Now that our customers are getting bigger and bigger, we want to make sure that we are closer to the source. Everything that benefits our customers also benefits Havecon. JBH is a great addition with only advantages for all partners in Atrium Agri, and especially her customers.”

Extra striking power
Edward Verbakel of VB says that JBH meets Atrium Agri’s criteria perfectly. “JBH is among the best in the world in its field. The company does not depend on Atrium Agri, it’s financially strong and profitable, and it clearly increases Atrium Agri’s striking power. The participation of JBH in Atrium Agri is another big step forward for us. VB's customers will certainly take advantage of our move to join forces.”

Shared vision
Koen Brabander of PB tec is also enthusiastic: “I’ve been working with Job for many years, and have enormous respect for what he’s done. I’m proud that Job has embraced the vision of Atrium Agri. As far as I’m concerned, this step is a no-brainer.”

Atrium Agri   
The aim of Atrium Agri is to form a single powerful platform of renowned companies working together in international greenhouse horticulture that is able to realize major, complex projects, in which the customer’s interest comes first. With her newest member, Atrium Agri has taken another step forward in its growth. The partnership isn’t without obligation, it comes with a firm commitment. “Potential partners must have a recognizable product, a good reputation, and a solid foundation. They must have a respectable client base. A shared vision of the future, willingness to share and innovate, and the will to learn from each other are essential.” Atrium Agri is comprised of the following companies; Havecon, VB Group, PB tec, Bom Group, VEK adviesgroep, CambridgeHOK, and now JB Hydroponics.

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