Kaycha Labs has successfully participated in the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Cannabis Quality Assurance Program (CannaQAP).

By taking part in CannaQAP’s Exercise 1 (potency with 17 cannabinoids) and CannaQAP’s Exercise 2 (potency, heavy metals, and moisture content) interlaboratory testing programs, Kaycha has collaborated with non-regulatory bodies and other industry entities to address the need for standardization in cannabis and hemp testing.

“The NIST mediated interlaboratory study is another Kaycha initiative aimed at addressing the urgent need for standardized testing protocols and reporting consistent and accurate data. The most common complaint among our clients is inconsistent reporting.  And the most common concern among regulators is “potency lab shopping,” explained Stephen Goldman, Chief Science Officer at Kaycha Labs. “To ensure that the study was comprehensive, five of our lab locations participated in the CannaQAP.  Our results demonstrated that cannabis labs can easily provide consistent data across state geographies and that the standardization of testing protocols will assure all industry participants that labels are accurate and can be relied upon.  In addition, our efforts should assist regulators address those lab companies putting out false potency claims and/or inaccurate data to curry favor with cannabis companies.”

Chris Martinez, President of Kaycha Labs, highlighted, “Participation in the NIST Cannabis Quality Assurance Program was an obvious choice for our company. As a leading cannabis lab company with a network of labs in multiple states, it is imperative we demonstrate that our labs apply compliant and consistent testing methodologies.  Assuring all industry participants, including State and Federal government regulators, that precise and consistent testing data is the norm will benefit the entire industry.”

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