Delta 9 Cannabis has entered into a partnership with Cultivatd to target Grow Pod sales opportunities in Canada and the United States.

"We are looking forward to working with Cultivatd to drive future sales in our B2B Grow Pod business in Canada and the US marketplace. Our B2B business unit has produced over $15 Million in revenue since 2018 and this partnership will help us to further ramp our sales and marketing efforts in North America,” said John Arbuthnot, CEO of Delta 9, “We feel confident that the US market will provide a significant growth opportunity for our B2B and equipment product sales in the coming years.”

Delta 9's cultivation methodology is based around a modular, scalable, and stackable production unit called a "Grow Pod", which are based on retrofitted 40-foot shipping containers. The Grow Pods are built to comply with Health Canada or other State or federal regulatory standards for security, Good Production, Good Agricultural Practices and are optimized for large-scale cultivation operations.

"The Grow Pods provide a number of benefits versus traditional open warehouse or greenhouse cultivation operations," the Delta 9 team explains. "The Grow Pods provide a high level of control over the growing environment for variables such as light intensity and spectrum, temperature, humidity, and etc. contributing to higher quality agricultural products."

"Additionally, They have the ability to customize the growing environment for each genetic variety of crop, maximizing the quality and yield; The Grow Pods provide an attractive return on invested capital for cash crops, as the modular format and controlled environment minimize the risk of contamination from plant diseases or pests as well as the risk of materially significant crop loss."

“We are excited to work with Delta 9 as they expand internationally and into new Canadian provinces. Cultivatd was designed to work with companies looking to explore new markets.” Said Eric Levesque, Managing Partner and co-founder at Cultivatd an indoor farming brokerage.

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